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The Aptos Way: Bloodies and Beignets Highlight Big Easy Breakfast

Our Atlanta office recently hosted a “Breakfast in the Big Easy” celebration, including food, drinks and a little downtime.

As these photos indicate, the breakfast didn’t disappoint. Bloody Marys, Beignets, and several other New Orleans delicacies all made an appearance.

As they say in New Orleans, “Laissez les bon temps rouler, y’all!”


Colleagues Visit India to Collaborate with Planning Partner Zensar

Colleagues Vincenzo Cappelluti, Domenico Alampi and Luca Endrizzi traveled to Bangalore, India last week to meet with representatives from Aptos planning partner Zensar.

Their collaboration will benefit our clients as the team grows stronger by working together to engage customers differently. Vincenzo tells Trending that they are all excited at the opportunity to work with new colleagues, and he looks forward to working on many new projects together.

Wow! Celebrating Thirty Five Years with a Long-Time Customer!

In what is surely a Trending first, we are honored and excited to post these photos of Sr. Principal Consultant Kim Bittar’s 35th anniversary with the company!

Kim marked this amazing milestone while – where else? – on-site with a client. He happened to be working with Croc’s last week when the big day arrived, and the team at Croc’s graciously shared in the celebration by hosting a small reception for Kim, including a cake.

Kim, pictured here on the right with a friend from Crocs, is all smiles. Congratulations, Kim – and here’s to many more!!!!

Engage 2019: The STS Family Tree Reaches Far and Wide

One of the several great companies that united to form Aptos is a company founded as STS. STS had a long and impressive legacy as one of the leading retail technology solution providers in the history of retail tech.

And while many of the original STS family moved on, a great many still thrive at Aptos. Engage brought a bunch of them together in one place, as this awesome picture reflects. Pictured here are colleagues (many with more than 20 years tenure), partners, customers and, most of all, friends.

An impressive group that is still creating an impressive legacy


Engage 2019: Does Hyper Reality offer a Glimpse into the Future of Ecommerce?

Executive Track participants spent time on their experience innovation safari at a hyper-reality experience called The Void. Hyper-reality combines 3D imaging, virtual reality, touch, temperature and audio sensations to create a fully immersive gaming experience.

Pictured here as they exited the experience are Jay Shields (l), Brian Mintz (c) and Jordan Murphy (r).

While our executives experienced Star Wars in hyper-reality today, as the technology continues to evolve, they asked if that may soon become the new standard for ecommerce experiences. A very good question, indeed.

Engage 2019: Execs Go Behind the Scenes of Discovery Phase of Experience Creation

During the Executive Track at Engage, participants joined X Studios CEO David Morales for a tour of his agency. Pictured here is David sharing a look at whiteboard sketchings used during the Discovery phase of a new installation they designed for a celebrity museum game show experience.

Engage 2019: Execs Visit X Studios to Learn about the Four D’s of Experience Creation

Participants in the Executive Track at Engage this year visited X Studios, an Orlando-area creative agency that specializes in creating high-impact, highly immersive experiences for retail, hospitality and theme parks.

Pictured here is X Studios CEO David Morales, talking to the participants about the Discovery phase of the experience design process.

Engage 2019: Executive Workshop Hits the Road in the World’s Greatest Experience Economy

This year’s Executive Workshop, produced in conjunction with Engage, was an examination of experiential retail as executed in Orlando, perhaps the world’s greatest experience economy.

The Execs hopped on a luxury coach bus and toured the city. En route to their first stop, they learned about crafting Unique Experience Signatures that align to your brand from Ed King and Laura Davis-Taylor of HighStreet Collective (that’s Ed and Laura way up front on the left, facing the crowd).

It was a great way to kick off the workshop, and Ed & Laura received rave reviews for their…

Engage 2019: Thriving in the World of Retail Unlimited

Wrapping up our final Engage keynote with Nikki Baird’s “Now. New. Next.” session, showcasing our friends at The Art of Shaving and Under Armour as they highlight three distinct perspectives to help retailers thrive in the new world of retail unlimited!

Interested in more retail innovations? Check out Baird’s monthly Store Innovation Watch blog series.

Engage 2019: The Retail Innovation Safari

Several executives from Engage 2019 hopped on the bus today for a Retail Innovation Safari through Orlando. The group visited X Studios, explored Disney Springs and finished things up with an immersive hyper reality experience that examined the future of digital shopping!