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NRF 2019: Move In Gathers Some Serious A/V Momentum!

Day 2 of our NRF move-in process was another busy day, full of milestones as we continue to assemble our booth experiences. One thing that has our event staff really excited this year is the addition of a massive, 60-foot wide video screen that will hang from the ceiling.

While it will look even better when hanging from the rafters, this photo from Jason Sawatski of Stevens Exhibits has the entire Marketing team buzzing with excitement.  And we get it. Sometimes when you are crazy busy executing an event, it’s the little things – like new signs – that keep you…

Colleagues Gather in Paris to Cross-Train..and Celebrate

Several colleagues from across Europe, including Nick Thompson, Amandine Roy, Sasha Rodionov, Lucia De Muzio and Nicole Roesch gathered in Paris this week, ostensibly to cross-train each other to support our PLM outreach program in the coming weeks. However, while they were together, the team learned that today was Nicole’s birthday as well. So, at one point, planning and learning turned into singing and celebrating, as seen in this photo of Nicole blowing out the candles on her birthday treat.

As they might say in Paris…Bon Anniversaire, Nicole!

NRF 2019: Steady Progress Continues Unabated

Three days and counting until our 4,000 square foot booth needs to be fully operational, and Tuesday was another day of great setup progress.

  • Carpet (and the oh-so-important padding)? Check!
  • Electrical? Check!
  • Registration Desk? Check!

Next up: Conference rooms, demo meeting pods and our stunning new 60-foot wide digital sign.

Keep up the great work, team – can’t wait to see it finished (and hopefully to see you there)!


Spreading the News: Going All In on PLM

We are preparing for a strong push in 2019 for our Product Lifecycle Management solution, and to prepare for the program, several colleagues gathered in snowy Montreal this week for several days of cross-training on this intriguing product that brings so much value to so many retailers around the world.

While the weather outside was cold, it looks like the room inside was heating up with excitement for the new year and new emphasis on PLM!

Thanks to Victoria Moore for the photo!

Aptos Holidays in Milan: Colleagues Gather to Celebrate the Season

The holidays are always a great time for colleagues to come together and share in their successes and their challenges in the past year, and to look forward to new adventures ahead. Our Italian colleagues recently gathered in Milan for an evening of celebrations and camaraderie, as evidenced by the photos here in this collage.

People reported to Trending that a good time was had by all…and (in true Italian fashion) we hear they went well into the wee hours!

Thanks to colleague Giuliana Cassano for the great photos – molto bene!!!


NRF 2019: From Humble Beginnings…

By the time the on-site crew leaves our 4,000 square foot NRF exhibit space Saturday evening, our booth will look amazing: full of technology, exhibits and cutting-edge A/V gear designed to deliver memorable experiences for all who visit our booth. It seems hard to believe that in four short days the empty concrete pictured here will become an amazing experience center.

Thanks to colleagues Karen Robson, Cary Thelen, Chris Cottos and an army of others, though, that patch of bare concrete will soon be transformed.

Watch this space for more in-progress updates.

Good luck, everyone!

And So it Begins…Our Final NRF Truck Departs Chicago for New York

Every year, the NRF convention represents our biggest Marketing activity of the year. It takes a small army of people to execute this event, including several truckloads of booth exhibits, equipment, and signage. The final truckload is always a cause for celebration, as it marks the official end of a big chunk of our pre-show preparations, and represents the unofficial beginning of the event.

Pictured here is our on-site exhibit coordinator and all-around booth superhero Jason Sawatski of Stevens Exhibits, snapping a selfie as he closes the door on that symbolic final NRF truckload.

Well done and thanks, Jason!!!

Aptos Holidays in Atlanta: Friends Gather in Front of the Tree

Our “feet on the street” in our Atlanta office tell us here at Trending that this year’s holiday party was a rousing success, and that fun was had by all.

Pictured here, enjoying the festivities (from left to right) are LaDonna Scott, Kim Chrzanowski, Melissa Ngo-Harris, Shawn Devine and Charlie Clark.



Aptos Cares: Columbus Makes an Impact with Local Kids

The small but fierce crew based in our Columbus, Ohio office went all in for kids this holiday season as they hosted a toy drive for local children in need.

Pictured here (thanks to Jessica Johnson for the photo) are some of the toys and games that the team collected to make the holidays a bit brighter for their community.

Well done, Columbus!

Aptos Holidays in the UK: Colleagues Close the Year by Busting a Move or Two

Colleagues from across the UK recently gathered for our annual holiday bash, and by all accounts the evening was a smashing success…including the dancing!

Hope a good time was had by all…and to all a good night.