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AI beyond the hype: Solving retailers toughest challenges

Enrich and inform any Aptos solution with science-based insights and business context. Aptos AI was designed for the retail industry and combines the best of a platform approach with the differentiated outcomes of point solutions.

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Built for the retail industry

Sophisticated science with retail business context built into the model.

Differentiated forecasting science

Not all artificial intelligence retail solutions are the same, and not all forecasting approaches address the complexity of retail. Aptos AI is designed for retail forecasting.

Glass box AI platform

No black boxes here. Aptos AI builds trust and increases adoption by showing users the data behind the data.

Optimized for data-scarce environments

Leverages Hierarchical Bayesian modeling to effectively predict consumer demand in data-scarce use cases.

Protect against collinearity

One of AI's biggest risks is mistaking collinearity for causality. Aptos' built-in retail business context and machine learning protects against these outcomes.

Managing intermittent demand

Intermittent demand is one of the hardest problems to solve. Aptos' differentiated approach takes it head on.

AI in action: Price Optimization

Get data-driven recommendations using our science and your expertise to find the right prices, drive a powerful pricing strategy and deliver the results you want.

  • See behind the science with visibility into the AI logic for clear pricing recommendations you can learn from and trust
  • Get answers to the ‘what ifs’ with scenario simulations and forecasting
  • Measure value generated and impact of pricing actions
  • Leverage flexible pricing tools with real-time shopper insights to respond faster to changes and opportunities in the market
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AI in action: Planning

The forecast is the heart of any planning solution. Aptos AI provides a forecasting foundation for Aptos MLM solutions.

  • Balance the needs of short lifecycle and long lifecycle products
  • Take a unified approach to short time horizon vs. long time horizon views

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