2020 Changes Everything

Candid Conversations About Retail's New Wave
Conversations Designed to Deliver Insights into Retail’s New Wave

2020 has brought more significant, challenging, and industry-altering change than at any other time in the past century. While these changes certainly bring challenges, they also bring opportunities.

This new webcast, hosted by Aptos Director of Retail Industry Insights Dave Bruno, will bring industry experts to the table to share their experiences and insights into how to react to – and take advantage of – these changes. During each episode, Dave will put his 40 years in the retail industry to work to dig deep into the many challenges we face and the solutions available to us. He will welcome technology experts, retail executives, industry thought leaders and trade media personalities to the conversation to ensure each episode delivers meaningful insights that can help you effectively ride retail’s New Wave.

Join Dave and his guests for the live webcasts every other Wednesday at 11:00 am EDT.

Past Episodes On Demand

Missed the live broadcast but still want to see an episode and hear the community’s conversation? No problem. Every episode will be made available to view here shortly after the live broadcast (usually within 24 hours of the live broadcast).

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Episode 6 | November 11, 2020

Eliminating Dead Inventory: Retail’s Mantra for 2020 and Beyond

Episode 5 | October 28, 2020

How, exactly, do we Adapt Order Management and Fulfillment Processes during this Surreal Season

Episode 4 | October 14, 2020

The (Rapidly) Evolving Role of Retail Pricing: Examining the Price Strategist of Tomorrow

Episode 3 | September 30, 2020

Innovative Ways that Contactless Payments Improve Shopper Experience

Episode 2 | September 16, 2020

Last Mile Innovations: How to Communicate Like a Boss Throughout the New Last Mile

Episode 1 | September 2, 2020