David Baum

Legal Leader

20 years in technology legal counsel and leadership, including Epicor Retail, NSB Retail, and STS Systems

About David:

David is a passionate guitar player and collector. In the late 80s/early 90s he was an aspiring musician in a progressive rock band (think Yes, Rush, etc.) but eventually realized his aspirations outpaced his talent, and opted to make his living via the law. Off he went to law school…and the rest, as they say, is rock and roll history. Today, on most weekends you will find David rocking out in his basement to the (now) classics, with his amps turned up to 11 (until his kids tell him to turn down the volume, anyway).

David on the Aptos Way:

“Authenticity is really important to me. Being authentic means there’s no place for posturing. My goal is to help Aptos and our clients be successful. To achieve that, sometimes you need to have difficult discussions, and transparency is key to making them work by gaining the trust of others.

“I strive to make the legal function the antithesis of what people would normally expect. Instead of saying ‘no, you can’t do that,’ or ‘we can’t agree to that in a contract,’ my goal is to solve problems creatively and in ways that benefit Aptos, my internal clients, and our external clients. That’s what the Pioneering Spirit and Engaging Customers differently means to me.”

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