Frank Lord

International Sales Leader

Over 20 years’ experience in technology sales leadership, including Oracle Retail, Art Technology Group (ATG), Cisco, and AT&T.

About Frank:

Frank combines his love for travel, reading, sports and cooking to enrich his life. Having lived in Europe for about 25 years, he travels broadly with his family, at times to learn about the history and culture of some new destination, while at other times to relax and take in a Formula One race or an American football game. Frank is also an avid photographer and collector of rare first edition classic English and American novels.

Frank on the Aptos Way:

“Retailers are faced with the huge challenge of meeting the needs of the empowered consumer while facing the seismic pressures of Amazon and others. They need a technology partner that will lock arms with them for the long term, evolving and competing in a very quickly changing world.”

“Aptos is completely focused on solving the problems of retailing through its technology, delivery and, most importantly, its people. Because Aptos hires people that care about the customer and their problems, it brings an entirely different perspective. Long term, delivering value drives a refreshingly healthy relationship between the customers and Aptos.”

“Just as I learned growing up, and through many years of retailing, providing exceptional service to the customer is paramount to success, and it is rewarded with continued loyalty and patronage.”