Blog / Sep. 13

New Video: Empowered Associates Engage Customers Differently at Orvis

Dave Bruno

In the world of retail technology, Customer Marketing is one of the toughest aspects of a well-rounded strategy. Clients are understandably guarded about keeping good ideas and winning processes away from the prying eyes of their competitors. Many are publicly traded (which adds several layers of complexity), and retailers are extremely busy. So you can imagine our surprise – and gratitude – when a customer marketing video request came our way.

Chase Halter is the son of Aptos Account Executive Pam Halter. Chase also happens to be a sales associate at Orvis, a leading sporting goods retailer and long-time Aptos client. Orvis recently upgraded the Cleveland store where Chase works to the latest Aptos POS. Soon after the upgrade, Chase would frequently tell Pam how much he appreciated the new capabilities. At first, Pam suspected that Chase was trying to earn brownie points. But soon she realized that his admiration was genuine. Chase was one happy associate based on his ability to create happier customers. So Pam conferred with Chase, and asked Aptos Marketing if we would create a testimonial video featuring Chase’s perspective of how Aptos is helping Orvis associates Engage Customers Differently.

Needless to say, our response was an emphatic, pinch-ourselves, YES! With help from Pam, Chase and the entire Orvis team (both at corporate and in the Cleveland store), the mother-son duo teamed up to direct and star in “Orvis: Engaging Customers Differently.” Chase took viewers on a virtual tour of the Cleveland store and described how Aptos Store and Mobile Store have enhanced the service provided to every shopper, every day. His tour showcased how the sporting goods and lifestyle retailer is delivering exceptional customer experiences, a strategy that comes straight from the Orvis C-Suite.

“Our strategy is a customer strategy,” said Orvis CIO Dave Finnegan in a CIO article last year. “The technology we employ is more about the guest experience we’re trying to deliver and less about the technology itself.”

As the video showcases, Orvis delivered on its promise and gave its associates the tools they need to deliver a customer-first strategy. Take a look and see how well they are doing.



Thank you Orvis, Pam, Chase and the Marketing gods for this unexpected gift! We’d love to keep the customer marketing momentum going. If you’re an Aptos customer who is willing to share your story of Engaging Customers Differently, drop me a line at dbruno [at]