Employee Learning

Aptos Learning and Communications

Your retail business is primed to perform. You have the vision, the strategies, the technologies and—perhaps above all—the people in place to meet your customers’ expectations. But do they have everything they need to fully execute those strategies, connect deeply with your customers and bring your brand vision to life?

Aptos Learning and Communications makes it easy to empower your teams to run your business at peak efficiency and engage your customers richly, throughout your enterprise. This solution provides a personalized, online, one-stop-shop through which all your employees can easily access the information they need to master their roles and continually improve their results.

Aptos Learning and Communications provides a centralized source for training, company resources, communications and related reporting. It can be accessed quickly, easily and securely through PCs, the POS or mobile devices, to deliver role-based information that will empower your staff, enhance their performance, ensure compliance with your policies and procedures, and support their professional development.

Our Learning and Communications solution includes three core components:

Aptos Portal

The Portal provides an integrated hub for company documents, training materials and trackable learning activities, making them easy to manage and access. Each course or module is targeted at specific jobs and roles.

Aptos Communicate

Using messaging and e-forms, this module lets you communicate with a group, region, store or individual. It is particularly useful for disseminating compliance or regulatory information. You’ll be able to see that essential information has been read and acted on, reducing your legal and security risks.

Aptos View

Revolutionize the way you provide reference and support information to your staff. With Aptos View, vital information will never be hidden or forgotten; it will be available directly to your employees on the POS or on mobile devices to support them when and where they need help.

With Aptos Learning and Communications you will:

  • Deliver more effective communications and training for staff
  • Target and manage communications through an individual dashboard
  • Enable employees to access to key communications from their own devices
  • Produce, store and access all documentation electronically
  • Manage content easily and effectively with an intuitive administration toolset
  • Cut administration, distribution and paper costs
  • Track and document learning progress to meet compliance guidelines
  • Create, complete and send custom forms with e-form capability
  • Support multi-brand, multi-territory and multi-language communications