Unify and streamline ordering enterprise-wide

As the frequency and cost of non-store orders continue to grow, along with customer demands for flexibility and speed, profitable order management has become critical to your success. Inefficient and disconnected ordering can impact profit margins and customer experiences to a degree that no retailer can afford.

Aptos Enterprise Order Management eliminates these dysfunctions and greatly reduces costs. It optimizes every phase of the order lifecycle, from order entry to fulfillment and even through returns. Real-time inventory visibility from across the enterprise, plus powerful order brokering and sourcing logic, ensures that every order is sourced from the most profitable locations – including Endless Aisle orders placed within and from stores – to meet customer expectations. Tracking and exception alerts ensure that orders are fulfilled on time without disruptions or delays.

A centralized commerce hub

Every order, regardless of where it originates, is processed the same way within Aptos Enterprise Order Management (EOM). Sales, shipments, returns, credits and other logistical tasks are handled properly and efficiently with just one system. Order fulfillment is further streamlined by native integration with marketplaces such as Amazon, Buy.com and eBay, as well as comparison shopping engines such as NexTag and PriceGrabber. Customers can be given full access to their order details to improve their experience and reduce your customer service costs.

Aptos Enterprise Order Management enables retailers to synchronize shipments of complex orders, understand drop-ship data formats and processing, support multiple suppliers with varying inventories and integrate with existing systems—a formula for the type of omni-channel buying scenarios today’s customers demand.

Order Life Cycle Management
Putting the customer first through omni-channel retail's greatest challenge.
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Integrated omni-channel excellence

Aptos EOM shares data with call center, marketplace, catalog, kiosk, website, mobile and in-store channels to give a 360-degree view of order management operations and support informed decisions that will satisfy customers and boost your bottom line. Whether you sell to businesses, individual consumers or both, Aptos Enterprise Order Management serves as your central commerce hub to manage all orders throughout the order lifecycle.

Integration to Aptos store enables efficient in-store task management for all orders with worklists and monitoring tools that ensure associates fulfill orders on time, every time.

eBookSeven Steps to Overcoming the Shockingly High Costs of the Order Management Lifecycle

Retailers surveyed by EKN report that it costs them, on average, eighteen cents of every dollar of every eCommerce and omni-channel order.


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