Getting shoppers into your stores is harder than ever. Competitors both online and off are constantly fighting for their time, attention and money. So when they do visit your store, it is vitally important you take full advantage of every sales opportunity. Endless Aisle helps ensure you never lose a sale if you have the item in stock anywhere in your chain.

Whether on mobile device, POS register or kiosk, store associates have access to the Endless Aisle tools needed to find the items customers want. Near real-time inventory capabilities ensure that every piece of inventory is available to promise, and Aptos’ retail order management system helps ensures that every one of those promises is kept.

Industry ReportIHL Insight Market View: The Order Management Market (2019)IHL Insight Market View: The Order Management Market (2019)

In this 2019 report, IHL offers its OMS predictions, identifies key trends and reviews leading OMS software providers.

Aptos Endless Aisle capabilities: built for conversions

Aptos’ Endless Aisle capabilities includes everything you need to convert every possible opportunity into a sale:

Flexible deployment. Aptos’ Endless Aisle can be deployed on mobile devices, POS devices and even kiosks to provide maximum availability to these critical selling tools.

Up-to-date inventory availability. Access to the latest inventory position in every store ensures we only make promises that each store can keep.

Real-time worklists. As Endless Aisle orders are placed and picked, we manage a constantly updated worklist so decision makers and store associates alike can pick, pack, manage and monitor the status of every order.

Real-time tracking and monitoring. Every Endless Aisle order is constantly tracked at every step of the fulfillment lifecycle to ensure customer expectations are met and any exceptions are handled quickly and effectively.