There was a time when retailers could thrive with a fairly small number of suppliers. A time when vendor relationships were personal, meetings were face-to-face, and placing orders and coordinating shipments was just a matter of sharing a spreadsheet or picking up the phone. The good old days, right?

Maybe, but those days are long gone. Your business now depends on hundreds if not thousands of different vendors, plus partner networks that span the globe. Managing their activities to keep your products flowing smoothly in step with shifting demand and market conditions calls for sophisticated, automated systems that can keep all your external stakeholders informed and up-to-date, add value to your strategic relationships, and maximize internal process efficiencies. It calls for Aptos Supply Chain Management.

Our solution optimizes partner communications in a single cloud-based, web- and mobile-accessible environment covering order management, quality control, delivery and logistics, to optimize coordination and efficiency throughout the entire supply chain—from source to ship to warehouse or DC and, finally, to your stores and channels. And if you manage wholesale operations or you have your own production facilities, you can get real-time insight into order execution.

Improve every aspect of your supply chain
Order management:

Leverage structured data and processes to automate order generation and confirmation, track orders and issue alerts as needed.  Each order is associated with a workflow, meaning that both your company and business partners can report on the progress of the order along checkpoints. To-do lists drive users’ prioritized activities, while intuitive dashboards and alert indicators help you focus on “exceptions” and take timely corrective actions.

Logistics collaboration:

Gain better of your control transportation services, shipping methods and times, and related variable costs. This module allows transportation service providers to feed in their tracking data directly from the transportation management system or to enter it manually in the web front-end of the solution, and gives users several ways to speed up delays. Different consolidation options help increase container utilization.

Delivery management:

Gain streamlined control over electronic booking requests and packing lists, which are transferred to the nominated transportation service provider and the selected warehouse.

During this process suppliers can combine several orders to one delivery, or split one order among several deliveries. Identifiers and quantities are available within the system so there is no need to re-enter data. Thanks to the tracking of production progress, packing lists can be automatically generated together with unique box barcode labels.

Quality control:

Configure, plan, execute and assess product quality, with support for all bulk production QC steps, including initial, in-line, and pre-shipment inspections. Aptos SCM provides predefined QC templates, configurable to different product areas or phases. Workflows automatically schedule quality checks on products, orders and deliveries while executing full or AQL inspections on certain slots. Pass-or-fail decisions are made based on quality measures and thresholds. Inspection results are available online/offline on a laptop or tablet. Deep analysis by defect classes, product groups and suppliers empowers users to create dedicated reports.

Seamless integration

Aptos Supply Chain Management can be used in combination with Aptos Merchandise and Assortment Planning, Forecasting, Allocation, Replenishment and PLM capabilities, allowing you to leverage one single Merchandise Lifecycle Management Solution to plan, design, assort and deliver your collections.

With all this, Aptos Supply Chain Management equips you to:
  • Increase the efficiency and scalability of your business
  • Improve delivery service levels: timelines, quantities, quality
  • Gain greater visibility and control of your entire partner ecosystem
  • Optimize your internal resources
  • Reduce your transportation costs