NRF 2017: Beautiful, Majestic, Firenze!

From Michelangelo’s David to the beautiful churches to the Uffizi Gallery, the historic city of Florence, or Firenze as pronounce it in Italy, is full of beautiful art.  Many would also say that the city itself is a work of art.

As you can see here, the skyline behind Karen Robson and Steve Panetta is indeed a beautiful composition.

By the looks of things, spending the better part of a week as part of Aspire has been a wonderful experience for all involved.


Aspire 2017: Mmmmmm....Truffles!

Truffles are among the world’s finest tastes (at least to the taste buds of this Now Trending editor), and their magic is only enhanced when they are enjoyed “in situ” in Western Europe.

Every year, our top performing colleagues are invited to join Aptos CEO Noel Goggin at Aspire, our annual President’s Club trip. This year, Aspire was held in beautiful Florence, Italy, and as part of the itinerary, participants were treated to a day of truffle hunting in the “wilds” of Chianti. Thanks to the olfactory skills of Bibbe, the truffle-hunting canine, the team found four beautiful truffles during their hunt.

At approximately $1,100 per pound, that is what we would consider a haul of truffles!

Afterward, everyone was treated to a lunch of all truffle-infused delicacies, including pastas, breads, honey and cheese.


NRF 2017: The End.

Make no mistake: NRF is a grind. Long days of meetings and demos, most of which are spent on your feet on the cold New York City concrete. Your feet hurt. Your back hurts. Your BRAIN hurts.

This photo of Aptos Director of Solutions Consulting Jay Shields and The Art of Shaving VP of IT Ralph Niebles captures exactly  how it feels when the show finally ends: relieved and exhausted.

After almost 400 meetings over three grueling days, we are all glad to be able to say “see ya next year, NRF!”

NRF 2017: Colleagues Separated at Birth?

Colleagues Danny Bilodeau, Joe DeSantis and Todd Mallet SWEAR to us at Now Trending that they didn’t coordinate their wardrobes during the NRF show, but wow, do they look alike!

Separated at birth, or just naturally stylish? We’ll let you be the judge…

NRF 2017: Friends and Colleagues Sharing a Smile in Times Square

Colleagues Ashley Wieden and Arianna Marks are well known throughout Aptos to be besties on and off the clock, and their friendship really shines through in this awesome photo taken in Times Square during NRF.

Thanks for all that you do , ladies – great photo!

NRF 2017: Colleagues that Play Together, Stay Together

Quality time between colleagues is key to our long-term success, and it sure seems likely that colleagues Jen Deschamps, Arianna Marks and Ashley Wieden were having a quality time (and quality cocktails!) one evening last week in New York during the NRF show.

Cheers, ladies!

NRF 2017: Colleagues Bond in Times Square

A big part of the value proposition of major events like the NRF convention is the time colleagues can spend time together after the exhibit hall closes. So many of us live in so many far-flung places, the times we do have to gather and bond are invaluable to long-term collaboration and cooperation.

Pictured here bonding in the Big Apple (from left to right), are five colleagues from four different states:

  • Jared Snelson, California
  • Doug Baz, Ohio
  • Jay Shields, Texas
  • Shari Gigliotti, Texas
  • Ayla Griggs, Minnesota

Do you find it interesting that the person who looks as well prepared for the cold weather in New York is the one person from California? From one Californian to another…way to REPRESENT, Jared!   ;^)

Gotta love the Times Square background too…

NRF 2017: Reluctant Karoake Warriors?

So many people try to convince others that they really don’t LIKE Karaoke, don’t they?

Even though we here at Now Trending weren’t actually present for the Karoake festivities after a long day in the booth at NRF last week, we are guessing that Jane Webb (center) was likely reluctant to sing along – at least initially.

Clearly, however, by the time this photo was taken, Jane, along with colleagues Doug Baz (l) and Jared Snelson (r), was ALL IN.

Looks like they had a great time!

NRF 2017: A John Travolta Sighting?

Aptos colleague Danny Rosenoff, pictured here, was joined by several colleagues to celebrate his birthday while in New York for the NRF show. In addition to enjoying the birthday celebrations, everyone at the table (especially Arianna Marks, pictured here with the huge smile) particularly enjoyed this moment when a group of Japanese tourists mistook Danny for none other than…John Travolta.

Even though this was a Tuesday night, I think they all had a case of Saturday Night Fever!

NRF 2017: Karoake Helps Colleagues Decompress

While it seems almost nobody likes to admit it, and we certainly don’t expect our colleagues pictured here to admit it to us, but we at Now Trending know you are thinking it: karaoke is pretty darn fun.

Especially after a long day of meetings and demos at NRF. And it sure looks like colleagues Ayla Griggs, Shari Gigliotti, Jay Shields, Jennifer Deschamps, Jane Webb and Ashley Wieden (left to right) were managing to have more than a little fun as they shared a smile between songs at a British pub famous throughout Manhtattan for it’s rousing karaoke program.

We’re just sayin’ ladies – you all look like you were having a blast!


NRF 2017: Empire State Building Selfie

Spending quality time with clients is always a big part of our NRF agenda, and 2017 was no exception. Colleagues made it a priority to spend time with clients inside the booth, discussing strategies and tactics for mutual success in 2017, and we also spent time bonding with clients outside the booth, building relationships and deepening bonds.

Pictured here, Aptos colleagues Jane Webb, Helen Kostis and Clifford Perlman pose for a selfie with executives from the Paper Store and the Art of Shaving. Looks like a great evening – and an excellently framed photograph, Clifford. That was no easy feat to get all six of you AND the Empire state Building in to a selfie!

Super Saturday: Diane Receives a Bobblehead!

RetailROi hosted their annual Super Saturday event last week, and as part of the program, Aptos Account Manager Diane Cerulli was awarded their highest honor: believe it or not,  a custom bobblehead.

Diane has been on several RetailROI trips, has taken leadership of Aptos’ partnership with Lifesong for Orphans and RetailROI in Bercy, Haiti, and never says no to an opportunity to help.

She is pictured in her bobblehead wearing traditional garb given to her buy the people of West Point, Liberia, where Diane supported RetailROI and More than Me as they helped the local community recover from the worst Ebola outbreak in the history of the world.

Thanks for all that you do, Diane. A well deserved honor, indeed.