Department Stores

Department Stores and General Merchandise Stores

You might in some moments view single-category retailers with a degree of envy. While the challenges they face managing inventory, store and omni-channel operations may be substantial, they are typically compounded in your department store or general merchandise business, with dozens of categories and so many more products, transactions and variables to contend with.

That’s also, of course, a source of opportunity. As long as you are equipped to streamline the complexities of your business from the supply chain to the POS, and to deliver the kind of personalized, seamless experiences that would make your competitors green, more customers will continue to turn to you and promote you as the single trusted source for all their shopping needs, year after year.

Thats exactly why the world’s leading department stores and general merchandise retailers turn to us as the single source for all their business technology needs. Instead of limiting our focus to just one or two areas of retailing, we offer advanced solutions for the complete range of retail processes, backed by more than 40 years of collective, specialized expertise in every operational area. And because we engage our customers differently —not as vendors but as partners— they know that we own their issues and remain committed to their success.

Aptos Solutions for Department Stores and General Merchandise Stores

From planning and merchandising to engaging customers in every channel and optimizing data and operations, Aptos equips you to run your department store or general merchandise business more efficiently, responsively and profitably. Learn more about our solutions, services, and results.