MManufacturing and Wholesale

Manufacturing and Wholesale

What’s the next step for successful manufacturers and wholesalers that enjoy widespread consumer appeal? In many cases, it’s making their mark as retailers, selling their designs and products directly to consumers. To do so, manufacturers must supplement their wholesale systems with specialized retail software.

That’s where Aptos can help your manufacturing and wholesale business transition and thrive. Our solutions help you manage all aspects of the business while focusing on delivering excellent customer service to your brand-loyal customers.

Aptos Solutions for Manufacturing
and Wholesale

Aptos software solutions make sure your manufacturing and wholesale business runs efficiently and effectively in the retail space. Our specialty retail software gives your entire enterprise the tools needed to achieve success reaching directly to consumers.

Join hundreds of successful businesses that run their businesses on specialized commerce software and services from Aptos.

Digital Commerce

Build your online and mobile presence with the digital commerce solution from Aptos. This comprehensive digital commerce solution includes full order management capabilities; control of website, mobile and responsive design experiences; and connections to kiosks and online marketplaces, such as Amazon and eBay.

Order Management

Manage a high volume of individual customer orders across multiple channels using the Aptos order management solution. Our order management software can give you visibility into what is owned by wholesale and can order against those known quantities and convert that information into a purchase order to ensure the product arrives at its designated retail location.

Point-of-Sale (POS)

Achieve your sales goals more efficiently and quickly with Aptos POS software. Should you manage outlet stores, our best-in-class POS software gives you quick access to all product information and inventory at the store level, pricing intelligence and customer history, and allows you to add shipping and delivery for larger items, all while helping your store associates deliver the best possible customer service.


With our merchandising software, ensure you have the right assortment and quantity of products, from essentials to seasonal items, for every retail channel. Aptos’ retail merchandising solution streamlines operations, unifies asset management and manages your business from end-to-end.

Customer Relationship Management

Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction with Aptos CRM tools that support multiple channels and employ powerful analysis tools. Our CRM solution allows retailers to cross-sell, up-sell and market to each customer’s wants and needs. Our CRM solution tracks and records important customer interactions and information to provide personalized offers.


Run your retail and wholesale business more efficiently and effectively with Aptos analytics software. Our analytics solution helps you gain valuable information and insight into all aspects of your business, from manufacturing to retail sales. With our analytics solution you can make smart, informed business decisions.


Assess and review sales information for clear and accurate sales audits across your business. Aptos’ retail sales audit and operations management solution allows retailers to incorporate sales from different aspects of the business into one sales view.