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Sales Kickoff 2021: Prepping for the Closing Keynote

As our first-ever virtual Sales Kickoff draws to a close today, Aptos President and COO Steve Towe prepares to deliver his keynote remarks from our London office. While going virtual certainly presented many unique challenges, by all accounts, the event was a success, and people from around the globe are anticipating Steve’s closing remarks as head out into our new sales year.

As they say in Hollywood, « Break a leg, Steve! »

Sales Kickoff 2021 – « Social Nearnessing » Around the World

Nothing brings people together quite like food does. And, as Milan-based Luca Ferraris says, « We social nearnessed » during our first-ever virtual sales kickoff and made great food together with the help of an executive chef and Zoom.

Here are the results of Luca’s efforts, and if we may say, they look benissimo!

Well done, Luca!

Sales Kickoff 2021: Aptos Cooks!

As Day Two of our first-ever virtual Sales Kickoff came to a close yesterday, colleagues had a chance to cook along in their own kitchens with an executive chef as their guide through risotto primavera.

Dozens of colleagues – and their kids – donned their aprons and started stirring…and stirring…and stirring that risotto. Pictured here is a screengrab from Zoom’s Gallery view of the first page of Aptos chefs hard at work!

Sales Kickoff 2021: A new Sales Year Begins with a…Bang

And that bang may have been the sound of Gilbert Espinosa’s chair hitting the floor midway through a  chair yoga break during our first-ever virtual sales kickoff event!  :^)

Apparently, Gilbert went just a <little> too far with his chair-bound downward dog, but fortunately, all is well!

Thanks for the smiles, Gilbert…and here’s to better luck with the rest of the event!

Aptos Cares: Helping The Vitamin Shoppe Help Others

The long term impacts of COVID-19 on families who were already nutritionally vulnerable prior COVID-19 can be devastating. That’s why we’ve joined @VitaminAngels’ Healthy Futures Initiative to help ensure that vulnerable populations heavily impacted by COVID-19 receive the essential nutrients they need to build the foundation for a healthy future.

Aptos is proud to partner with The Vitamin Shoppe, and we are proud and honored to be able to support this great cause.

Setting up for a Virtual Sales Kickoff

The pandemic is forcing our annual Global Sales Kickoff event to go virtual for this first time. And while we will miss bringing the field team together for face-to-face networking and team building, Marketing is doing everything possible to ensure everyone is comfortable as they prepare for three days of virtual meetings. Pictured here, (photo courtesy of Milan-based Luca Ferraris), are the contents of the Comfort Kit, including a blanket, socks, an Aptos tea mug (with organic tea as well), and a surprise to be opened during the event.

Thanks, Luca – and here’s to a great, comfortable SKO!

A Farewell Roast Amidst Roasting Hot Temperatures

The outside temperatures in many parts of the world are still near roasting, so it seems only fitting that our Sales Team would host a farewell roast for CEO Noel Goggin. The mutual affection and camaraderie clearly shine through this screen shot of last night’s virtual roast as lots of memories, laughs and a few tears were shared by all as Noel begins to wind down the final few weeks of his amazing tenure here at Aptos.


Move over Maverick, there’s a New Sheriff in Town…

While Hollywood prepares to release a sequel to the legendary 1986 movie Top Gun, colleagues near Newburgh New York got a chance to experience the « real » Maverick up close and personal.

Due to COVID restrictions, the annual New York International Air Show moved to Orange County airport, close to colleague Gil Ludlow’s home, where he enjoyed the show from his front yard.  In addition to technology skills, Gil’s also got some photography skills, as evidenced by these awesome pics of the Thunderbirds in flight.

Looks like an amazing show, Gil – thanks for sharing all the great photos!

You Make the Call: Alien Invasion or WFH Gear?

Living through a global pandemic has brought many changes to everyone’s life. We’re spending more time at home, eating in more, seeing friends and family less, and certainly many people are struggling. An alien invasion would be just exactly what one might expect from 2020.  And while these twin ring lights hovering over Paul Vander Muelen’s desk certainly look like alien eyes, fortunately, they are just a pair lights designed to improve the quality of all those Zoom sales calls he makes these days.

Thanks for sharing, Paul, and here’s hoping you are looking sharp on those video calls!

Keeping Up with Consumer Expectations

Why is omnichannel so hard? Forrester’s Brendan Witcher gave a pretty good reason during his keynote presentation at Engage Digital 2020: “Each time a consumer is exposed to an improved digital experience, their expectations for all experiences are reset to a new higher level.”