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Keeping Up with Consumer Expectations

Why is omnichannel so hard? Forrester’s Brendan Witcher gave a pretty good reason during his keynote presentation at Engage Digital 2020: “Each time a consumer is exposed to an improved digital experience, their expectations for all experiences are reset to a new higher level.”

Engage Digital 2020: AI Ready

Aptos is AI ready. During Engage Digital keynote presentations, Vice President of Product Management Nick Leeper discussed feedback from retailers who were asked what they want from investments in AI, which included proving it works for the retail sector. According to Leeper, “Aptos has proved the AI results. We proved that AI can work and we proved that it works specifically within fashion retail.”

Engage Digital 2020: Aptos ONE Store Fulfillment

Vikas Aron, Aptos Vice President of Product Management, announced Aptos ONE Store Fulfillment at Engage Digital. According to Aron, the store associate is your new fulfillment specialist in the post-COVID retail world: “The new normal requires a new set of tools designed for your store associate.”

Omnichannel: Short-Term Savior, Long-Term Requirement

During the Aptos Product Strategy and Progress Keynote at Engage Digital 2020, Aptos Vice President of Retail Innovation Nikki Baird shared a powerful statistic: “During shutdown, Aptos customers with fulfill-from-store sold on average 10% more than retailers who could not leverage store inventory.”

Engage Digital 2020: Goldman Sachs is “All In”

Making an appearance at Aptos Engage Digital, Goldman Sachs Senior Advisor Lou D’Ambrosio addressed Goldman Sachs partnership with Aptos: “Why did we partner with Aptos? Reason number one is technology solutions that are best-in-class.”

Retailers Give Back During the Pandemic

At Engage Digital 2020, Aptos CEO and Culture Leader Noel Goggin shared how he has been inspired by retailers who have embraced a strong philanthropic commitment in response to COVID-19 – from building product to monetary donations. Goggin noted that he is a strong believer that, “Crisis does not create character. Crisis reveals character.”

Great job to all of the retailers making charitable giving a priority during the pandemic!

Engage Digital 2020: Retail’s Next Normal

Aptos CEO Noel Goggin kicked off Engage Digital by discussing the impact of COVID-19 and how retailers can navigate the industry’s next normal. There were many important topics highlighted in his keynote presentation, including the rapid adoption of new consumer habits caused by the pandemic, how omnichannel technology has helped retailers continue to sell, and the key shifts that are shaping retail’s next normal.

Aptos Cares: Food for the Hungry in Mexico CIty

Colleagues in our Mexico City office pitched in to help local people in need last weekend when they purchased and prepared supplies for more than 20 meals for hungry locals. The team prepared these kits at home and drove around the city to distribute them to those in need.

As Mexico City-based Brando Garcia told Trending, « This crisis is hard on us. I can only imagine the impact it is having on these people. »

Well said, Brando…and well done to all who helped.

Changing times, changing behaviors: BOPAC begins to grow

While so many things are indeed changing right now, we can take small comfort that at least one thing remains the same: tech companies still love acronyms. Atlanta colleague Cheryl Cochran (between us, never one to shy away from a shopping opportunity) tells Trending she has added Buy Online, Pickup at Curb to her shopping repertoire. She is pictured here at the conclusion of her most recent « BOPAC » journey. Not only did Cheryl stop to share her experience, but she even coined a new acronym. We can already hear tech marketers everywhere celebrating…

Well played, Cheryl – and thanks!  ;^)

Working Together: New Balance Helping Manufacture Masks

New Balance just announced that they are working to develop face masks to help address the significant demand for the supplies desperately needed by hospitals.

« We are coordinating our efforts with our government officials and local medical institutions as well as other U.S. consortiums and testing facilities, » the company said in a release.

Thank you, New Balance – working together like this is how we will come out of this crisis.