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Aptos Cares: Food for the Hungry in Mexico CIty

Colleagues in our Mexico City office pitched in to help local people in need last weekend when they purchased and prepared supplies for more than 20 meals for hungry locals. The team prepared these kits at home and drove around the city to distribute them to those in need.

As Mexico City-based Brando Garcia told Trending, « This crisis is hard on us. I can only imagine the impact it is having on these people. »

Well said, Brando…and well done to all who helped.

Changing times, changing behaviors: BOPAC begins to grow

While so many things are indeed changing right now, we can take small comfort that at least one thing remains the same: tech companies still love acronyms. Atlanta colleague Cheryl Cochran (between us, never one to shy away from a shopping opportunity) tells Trending she has added Buy Online, Pickup at Curb to her shopping repertoire. She is pictured here at the conclusion of her most recent « BOPAC » journey. Not only did Cheryl stop to share her experience, but she even coined a new acronym. We can already hear tech marketers everywhere celebrating…

Well played, Cheryl – and thanks!  ;^)

Working Together: New Balance Helping Manufacture Masks

New Balance just announced that they are working to develop face masks to help address the significant demand for the supplies desperately needed by hospitals.

« We are coordinating our efforts with our government officials and local medical institutions as well as other U.S. consortiums and testing facilities, » the company said in a release.

Thank you, New Balance – working together like this is how we will come out of this crisis.

Aptos Cares: Sewing Masks in a Time of Great Need

As the world continues to face shortages of N-95 medical-grade masks, people everywhere are trying to help in any way they can. Atlanta-based colleague Agata Brewer has joined the group Sewing Masks for Atlanta Hospitals, where she picked up instructions for sewing masks, including an approved pattern.

Agata has donated the materials (and her time and sewing skills) and has already sewn 30 masks, pictured here, which are used as covers to extend the life of the N-95 masks, as they can then sanitized after use.

Incredible work for an important cause, Agata – thank you!

One Small Step for Retail…

At Trending, we are ordinarily very happy to share photos from client meetings around the globe.  However, these are not ordinary times. And a photo of Aptos colleagues meeting with clients takes on much more significance. This photo, including Aptos colleagues Elaine Jiang and Kevin Zheng and numerous Fast Fish colleagues, points to a time when we can all look forward to once again holding regular, everyday Steering Committee meetings that simply attempt to make plans for a future we all recognize.

But for now, this meeting is anything but « regular » and we are very glad to see it!

Good News: Some Sense of Normalcy Returns to China

Life in China has been disrupted by coronavirus for months, but they recently re-started a few things from life before the crisis. We are extremely happy to post news of a meeting between Aptos and Fast Fish. Elaine Jiang and Kevin Zheng of our Shanghai team drove the long distance to the Fast Fish to avoid contact with too many people in airports or train stations, and as you can see, they are in good spirits on their long journey.

Here’s to a small but meaningful step toward normalcy, and here’s hoping the meetings went well, Elaine and Kevin!


Aptos Cares: Helping Kids in this Time of Crisis

Aptos Client Care Analyst Lina McIntosh recently found the time and courage to help package and distribute essential supplies for kids in her local community of Pine Bush, New York. Lina (center image in the blue checked shirt) helped pack boxes full of food and learning materials that parents could safely access via curbside pickup.

Well done, Lina – thanks for your great work!

Adapting and Connecting: An unexpected video conference partner!

As we all attempt to adapt and adjust to the coronavirus crisis, new habits are rapidly forming. Including of course the use of video conferences to help us stay connected to each other while we remain safe distances apart. During one such video conference today, Aptos’ Nikki Baird was joined by Katara, her Siamese-Bengalese rescue kitty, both of whom are pictured here (Nikki is in the back). ;^)

Katara is becoming a bit of a celebrity around Aptos as her cute face makes regular appearances on these now-frequent video calls.

The Aptos Way: Leadership Day in Milan

Last Friday several colleagues in our Milan Office participated in a leadership day with Julio Velasco, an Argentinian professional volleyball coach and Athletic administrator, who helped the Italian volleyball team win 2 World Championships, 2 European Championships and 5 World League titles.

The colleagues who took part in the development session included, in the photo ( from left to right) Massimo Solcia, Giorgio Crippa, Julio Velasco, Matteo Aglio and Stefano Montagnoli. Not pictured, but also participating were Enrico Frigeni and Enrico Doni.


Aptos Cares: A New Medical Clinic Opens in Bercy

As followers of Trending know, Aptos has long supported the efforts of Retail ROI and Lifesong for Orphans as they build a community in Bercy, Haiati, after the devasting earthquake almost a decade ago. This month marked a particularly meaningful milestone, as Bercy opened their new medical center to treat patients that otherwise would have had to travel 10 miles (most of them on foot) for care.

Already the center has treated more than 600 patients in the first three weeks. Incredible work done by incredible people. Congratulations, Team Lifesong!!!