Sales Audit

Aptos Sales Audit

Aptos Sales Audit ensures the integrity, accuracy and availability of the lifeblood of effective retail enterprises: detailed transactional data from every sales channel and touch point. Aptos’ central audit repository receives all transaction data, treats it to a consistent and robust set of business rules, and then quickly feeds all validated data directly to the entire retail enterprise, allowing you to make informed decisions based on accurate audit activity and analytics.

Maintain Integrity

Once errors are detected during an audit, Aptos Sales Audit recommends the best corrective action up front, to minimize cost and reduce risk across all platforms and applications. The secure data is mapped consistently throughout your enterprise to let you compile and verify data from all devices and improve performance, profitability and peace of mind – ultimately leading to a substantial ROI.

Consolidate Data

With Aptos Sales Audit, retailers can consolidate, validate and secure sales data from all channels within a single interface that sends authenticated data right back to the applications and products that need it, allowing them to operate productively and accurately. Designed for omni-channel retail chains, the Aptos Sales Audit gives retailers one central hub for thorough data monitoring that improves every key process that depends on it.

Simplify Auditing Tasks

Eliminate routine and time-consuming auditing tasks with tools that facilitate and streamline the audit process. Aptos Sales Audit’s unique audit-by-exception features guide auditors step-by-step, present only those transactions with audit concerns and lead the auditor directly to correction action recommendations. This greatly simplifies and accelerates the normal work required to find and correct problems with store-level transactions.

Comprehensive Audit Capabilities

  • A centralized transaction data mart
  • Auditing by exception
  • Extensive reports
  • Store performance analysis tools
  • Store Operations Security reporting to identify potential LP-related  events (i.e. cash activity, payment card activity, employee purchases, and over/shorts)
  • Centralized management of customer liabilities
  • Multi-country, currency, channel, and banner support
  • Support for batch and trickle processing
  • A retail-proven platform

Aptos Sales Audit makes auditing transaction data easy and efficient. Problem transactions are highlighted for quick targeting and users can drill down for more detailed information, so auditors no longer need to go to other sources for research.

The centralized control that Sales Audit provides has been shown repeatedly to streamline operations and reduce costs associated with the auditing of data.