Merchandise Planning

Aptos Merchandise Planning

Shorter seasons. Faster cycles. A growing array of products and channels. Ever-shifting trends. No matter what you sell, these traits are placing new and higher demands on your ability to understand what merchandise will be needed where and when to meet your customers’ expectations and your business needs.

Aptos Merchandise Planning ensures that the merchandise you order is fully aligned with consumer demands and your financial objectives across your chain. By linking your merchandise plans with your financial, buying and store plans, this comprehensive solution enables you to accurately and profitably set your sales margins and inventory targets, while synchronizing your high-level business plans with channel and location-specific trends.

As a core component of the Aptos Planning solution (together with Assortment Planning), Aptos Merchandise Planning leverages powerful capabilities for omni-channel forecasting and planning, integrating store and chain plans, dynamic balancing and synchronization, and exception-based queries and reporting. You can leverage unlimited merchandise hierarchies with the flexibility to aggregate and disaggregate data to create, view and measure your plan at any level and across all channels of operation. With all of this and more, Aptos Merchandise Planning equips you to:

  • Clearly understand sales realities
  • Identify what’s needed at both the chain and store level
  • Accurately predict and respond to trends—quickly and correctly
  • Create an accurate inventory model from the top down and/or bottom up
  • Automatically generate allocations and easily execute purchase orders
  • Compare plans to actuals throughout the season
  • Leverage plans across your entire retail enterprise

Use the power of the Aptos forecasting engine to process huge amounts of data and analyze merchandise scientifically. Know exactly what your demand is and make the most of it by replenishing hundreds of stores quickly:

  • Precise forecasting with “what-if” forecasting models
  • Employ a dynamic, bottom-up forecasting approach. Nine forecasting formulas are available for use at SKU/store level. Multiple formulas are assigned and the most accurate is automatically applied, considering scheduled promotions, promotion history, out-of-stock history, seasonality, and outliers.
  • “What-if” scenarios for sales forecasts
  • Create “what-if” scenarios to review the effect of different models, service levels assignments and resulting safety stock, as well as effects from promotions and out-of-stock.
  • Minimum presentation quantity
  • Ensure that minimum inventory levels for presentation purposes are factored into your replenishment calculation.
  • Comparable colors
  • Associate colors that are to be treated as one for future replenishment while ensuring only one color of the comparable color set is on the sales floor at one time. This feature is very useful for making transitions from old to new colors.
  • Substitute items and alternative vendor sources
  • Combine data for an item and its designated substitutes for forecasting, ordering, and replenishment.

With Aptos Merchandise Planning you will ensure that what’s being purchased is exactly what’s in demand at every selling point across your enterprise, to maximize revenue, margins and ROI.