Aptos ONE / Jan. 15, 2018

Aptos’ Highly Anticipated Next Generation Singular Commerce Platform Unveiled at NRF 2018

New Cloud-Native Platform Leverages Open APIs, Microservices Architecture to Create Retail Enterprises – and Technology Ecosystems – Built for Rapid Change

ATLANTA, January 15, 2018Aptos, Inc., a recognized market leader in retail technology solutions, today announced at NRF 2018: Retail’s Big Show the launch of its new cloud-native, microservices-based singular commerce platform.

The highly anticipated platform is designed to address retail’s No. 1 challenge: keeping pace with the shifting complexity of commerce while offering differentiated and seamless experiences that drive loyalty.

“We previewed this revolutionary platform at our North American customer conference in May 2017, and momentum has been building ever since,” said Mike Verdeyen, product leader, Aptos. “We have several retailers who are embarking on this innovation journey with us, including a large retailer that is migrating its retail enterprise – and 1,000+ stores – onto the platform.”

The platform’s development reflects a multiyear, multimillion-dollar innovation by Aptos Labs with a focus on delivering a more flexible and agile environment with reduced complexity and cost. This is achieved by taking advantage of several design pillars, including:

  • Cloud-native technologies that support both enterprise scalability and local resiliency
  • Shared microservices architecture for more rapid and agile innovation
  • Mobile-first, rich client applications for user-centric design
  • Extensibility throughout for development partner enablement
  • Modern published APIs for robust integrations to current solutions

“Disruption is retail’s new normal,” said Noel Goggin, Aptos CEO and culture leader. “Retailers that are able to weave adaptability into their DNA will be the ones who thrive. With Aptos’ new singular commerce platform, we have removed the barriers of traditional IT paradigms to enable differentiation, improved speed and agility, and faster time to market. We want our customers to be ready for whatever happens next.”

“Aptos has harnessed the power of a true cloud-native, microservices and API-centric architecture to help retailers respond faster, and to deploy enterprise class software in a modular way that supports seamless experiences across channels, without sacrificing local system resilience,” said Ian Rawlins, strategy leader, Aptos. “We have incorporated what we believe are truly revolutionary capabilities in a single unified commerce platform that combines the best of enterprise cloud deployment with highly performant local and offline execution.”

According to Forrester Research, “Enterprises with top priorities like changing their business models or accelerating digital business are up to twice as likely to be investing in APIs and microservices. These key investments foster business agility, and agility is key to sustainable transformation.”¹

In conjunction with the release of the new platform, Aptos is introducing its initial set of commerce services. These unified services address core commerce capabilities across all points of interaction, such as cart, pricing, tax, payment, customer and loyalty, enabling shared business logic and data across channels and devices – including stores, e-commerce sites and mobile apps.

To learn more about Aptos’ new platform, visit Aptos booth 3306 at Retail’s Big Show or email info@aptos.com.

¹”Microservices And External APIs Underpin Digital Business”, Forrester Research, Inc., October 17, 2017


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