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Aptos' First Anniversary: What a Difference a Year Makes!

June 17th marked the first anniversary of our launch as Aptos, following our spin-off from Epicor. It's a major milestone, but it caught me a bit off-guard—mainly because of how far we've come in such a short period of time.

Though I've been able to help drive a number of other start-ups and major corporate initiatives throughout my career, I've never been involved in one more successful than this. Nor have I ever worked with more productive and dedicated professionals as the colleagues I'm privileged to have with me under the Aptos banner.

A Year of Great Progress

What have we accomplished together?

  • We navigated the entire spin-off process from planning to execution in just 62 days. That's virtually unheard of; I've never seen it done before.
  • We created an entirely new brand and value proposition focused on engaging customers differently, and on levering a singular commerce platform to deliver the seamless experiences today's shoppers now expect. It's a proposition that is fully aligned with the evolving reality of our industry, in which retailers need partners—not just vendors—who truly understand their businesses and are deeply invested in their success.
  • We've made a clear and decisive pivot to the Cloud. By leading the field in end-to-end Cloud retailing we're driving profitability and growth with faster deployments, a wide range of improved business efficiencies and fluid scalability.
  • We've set new bars for performance in digital commerce, enterprise order management, analytics-driven CRM and Merchandising, customer engagement and many other key areas of retailing. We remain the industry leader for POS and mobile, and we're delivering tangible competitive advantages with the power of one interaction, one customer, one order, one product, one truth and one view of the enterprise.
  • We set up our own systems and infrastructure to run all aspects of our business, we've refined our business processes to become more agile and efficient, and we've strengthened our capabilities by adding some of our industry's best talent in key positions.
  • Equally important, we're building a new and distinct culture within our workplace. It's enabling us to work a new way—The Aptos Way—with a pioneering spirit, authenticity and strong sense of community. And it's extending our vision of success beyond our business and into the global community, through our active support for RetailROI and our production of the Commerce of Caring podcast series.
We created an entirely new brand and value proposition focused on engaging customers differently, and on levering a singular commerce platform to deliver the seamless experiences today's shoppers now expect.

The Industry Takes Notice

All of this was showcased at our first Aptos customer conference—Engage!—which we hosted at the Mirage Las Vegas in May.  I was very pleased to learn that our efforts and accomplishments were recognized clearly by the media and analysts in attendance. Here's some of what they had to say:

"With Aptos' stake in the ground, the company is becoming a living test case for the value of trust… If you believe that great things can be accomplished when a group of people is committed to each other and working together toward the same goal, then you better keep an eye on this company."   ~ Nikki Baird, RSR

"The software footprint Aptos delivers… is quite unique, and is one of [their] pronounced competitive and differentiating advantages… The Aptos team clearly understands that its mission is to bring perceptible value to its customers by enabling them to reinvent their businesses."   ~ Aleksey Osintsev, TEC

"Aptos… wants to be customer-centric as opposed to product-centric, authentic as opposed to spreading hype, outcome oriented instead of sales oriented, and great instead of good. …With a beginning like this it appears to be off to a beautiful start."   ~ Joe Skorupa, RIS News

Join Us for Our Next Phase of Growth

As Aptos, I believe we've managed to do all that we set out to do over the past year and much more. We will continue to build on this solid foundation to fulfil our brand promise through innovation in singular commerce, customer engagement and enterprise solutions, and by growing our culture in ways that make us proud to be "Aptosians."

With all that we have accomplished, and all that we are going to accomplish in the months and years ahead, I am determined to move forward from reshaping our company to helping reshape the future of retail.  I invite you to join us on this incredibly exciting journey.