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How to solve complex omnichannel demands with modern Point of Sale

How to solve complex omnichannel demands with modern Point of Sale

The days of in-store servers and bulky, siloed Point of Sale (POS) are fading away.

Increasingly, retailers are looking to modern POS solutions — those that are mobile, cloud-enabled and integrated with every sales channel and business function (particularly Merchandising and Order Management) — to bring shopper demands to life.

Why? POS is uniquely capable of fulfilling experiences in retail's age of omnichannel. POS connects customers to products in the most visible and visceral way for the shopper. And modern POS solutions boost fundamental needs with endless omnichannel possibilities.

Here are four ways modern POS is the key that unlocks modern customer experiences.

Associates elevate experiences

Store associates can leverage this real-time inventory data straight from their POS device. Because they have access to data on the closest location of the shopper's desired product, plus the tools to deliver it to them in the best way possible, associates become empowered to meet or exceed shopper expectations, while improving revenue potential for the enterprise.

POS delivers all of the information the associate needs within the store and opens up the options they can give their customers. It connects associates between channels and stores, making it easier to communicate order fulfilment instructions and build carts across channels.

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Inventory and POS power each other

The relationship between inventory data and POS is symbiotic. Inventory enriches POS to help retailers convert every opportunity and fulfil every promise at the end of the shopper's journey. POS collects data at the time of transaction to help inventory move with more agility and flexibility. Every selling and supply channel is managed with better, more immediate insight.

By eliminating the silos between stores and turning transaction data from an end-of-day task into an integral piece of the enterprise, POS helps retailers get tighter control over their inventory, reducing errors, fulfilment costs and delivery times.

POS and OMS: a perfect pair

POS and Order Management (OMS) solutions are powerful in their own right.

But they work even better when integrated together.

Virtually every OMS function or benefit is executed for the shopper through POS. For example, when combined with integrated inventory, POS enables every store to always be in stock, whether it's a matter of endless aisle, store transfer or any other option. Shoppers can gain "closest store" inventory visibility when they visit your website.

And that's far from all.

Many of the challenges that come with the rise of omnichannel retail — and ambitions of the retailer interested in Unified Commerce — can be solved with the pairing of OMS and POS:

  • Associates can execute in-store fulfilment for omnichannel orders faster and easier, with worklists, communications and alerts integrated into their POS
  • Mixed cart orders, including add-ons and upsells, are made possible — all within one transaction
  • Store associates can order products from other stores on behalf of shoppers
  • Inventory visibility reduces friction for Return-Online-Pickup-in-Store (ROPIS) orders

All managed straight from the retailer's POS, no new devices or unfamiliar UX required.

International operations made effortless

Communication is fundamental to the modern retail enterprise. Especially for the retailers who operate in multiple countries or employ associates who speak different languages. That's why market-leading POS solutions offer comprehensive translation and internationalisation features in addition to region-specific compliance. To make every element of shopper support seamless.

In short, POS communicates critical information at every touch point between customers and products, whether it's an individual shopper's order or an aggregate of inventory data.

Execute exceptional customer journeys with Aptos POS

Modern customer journeys cover more sales channels, touch points and back-end processes than ever before. Shopper demands are dynamic, personal and prone to change.

Modern POS gives retailers the agility, flexibility and resilience to bring customer journeys to life with ease, and deliver a consistent and differentiated experience despite changing demands.

As the bellwether of modern retail POS, Aptos trades a theoretical understanding of the retailer's needs for a practical one, layering it with more than four decades of POS technology leadership and tens of thousands of implementations across thousands of brands worldwide.

Aptos distils our unparalleled expertise into an intuitive and integrated POS solution, making complex omnichannel demands easy for the seasoned pro and new associate alike.

Learn more about Aptos premier POS solutions.

Learn more about Aptos premier POS solutions