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Managed Store Services

Aptos Managed Store Services

No part of your enterprise is more mission-critical for your success than your stores—and no area demands more in terms of hardware, software and support. Yet, your business is retailing, not IT. To remain competitive, you need to ensure all aspects of your store operations remain up and running at peak performance at all times, without diverting costly internal resources to that task.

The answer is Aptos Managed Store Services. Through defined service packages or customized SLAs, our professionals will take full ownership of sourcing, deploying and maintaining your store technology and for supporting your staff—24/7—so you get the value and we assume the risk.

Aptos Managed Store

This comprehensive service delivers your store software and hardware service help desk and maintenance under one end-to-end SLA. With Managed Store, Aptos takes full responsibility for all services using governance based on the ITIL framework—the gold standard in documented industry best practices for IT service management.

Aptos Managed Payment Services

With our fully-managed, end-to-end payment service, we’ll supply the payment hardware, software, implementation, hosting, support and training, then pro-actively manage everything on your behalf. We will ensure that your systems and processes are in full compliance with PCI DSS standards and EMV requirements. We are able to offer proven end-to-end encryption with tokenisation to ensure that your cardholders’ data is never directly identified at any point during its journey to and from the bank. You can also take advantage of our reporting portal, VAT refunds (where applicable), mobile vouchers and additional value-add features.

Store Support and IT Services

Ensure the operational status of your store infrastructure. Our extensive range of store support and IT services provide day-in, day-out coverage while continually meeting the changing needs of your store and systems. This package includes:

Service Management:

  • Governance and reporting
  • Supplier, service level and major incidents
  • Co-ordination of new store openings, moves, changes and closures

Proactive Support:

  • Housekeeping / trend analysis
  • Database and server administration
  • File transfer and system availability monitoring

Help Desk

Aptos offers both Help Desk support and, for retailers that do not have their own in-house help desks, Direct-to-Store support. We provide:

  • One number to call for all your store operational requirements
  • Multilingual, 24/7 coverage for all support requirements
  • SLA accountability for Aptos-contracted solutions
  • SLA reporting for non-Aptos solutions

We’re At Your Service

With Aptos Managed Store Services, our professionals serve to extend and enrich your own resources in whatever way and to whatever extent best suits your operations and objectives. Through a pre-defined package or customized SLA, we are available to provide industry-leading services for:


  • Software development and deployment
  • Quality assurance
  • User acceptance training
  • Project management


  • Installs, moves and changes of any kind
  • Cabling and in-store infrastructure

Support and IT

  • Direct-to-Store help desk
  • 2nd– to 4th-line software support
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Antivirus management
  • Software release management and distribution
  • Hardware maintenance
  • Payment card and bank submissions
  • Supplier management


  • Device implementation
  • Device management and support
  • System training


  • Implementation
  • Management and support


  • Hosting
  • Application provisioning
Retail Hardware

Hardware Sales and Services

Aptos software may be the heart of your retail business, directing every operation and enabling seamless customer engagements, but it’s your hardware that ultimately puts all of that into play.

That’s why we support our software solutions with a comprehensive range of unsurpassed hardware services. We leverage more than 30 years of best practices and the most experienced professionals in the business to ensure you can procure, implement and remain up and running with the right hardware, in ways that optimize your performance while lowering costs.

In local markets or around the world, we serve Aptos software clients as a single source for all their retail hardware needs.


Aptos provides retail store and head office hardware from the industry’s top brands, including Toshiba, HP, ELO, Epson, Verifone and many more. As your retail partners, we can advise on which systems will deliver the best value for your needs. Our established relationships with these vendors and volume buying power enable us to acquire your hardware on highly competitive terms, to take advantage of special offers, and to manage every aspect of the procurement process on your behalf.


Value is extended throughout your implementation. As professionals who also know your Aptos software inside out, we integrate both elements to ensure your systems are assembled, configured, personalized and tested to perform optimally as designed.

Unique to Aptos, store hardware deployments are managed end-to-end by a designated installation support services team. Your devices are configured in a secured staging facility to meet your specific needs, then custom-packaged for worry-free delivery to each location according to an approved rollout schedule. Once on-site, our expert deployment team directly manages all technicians to bring up your registers quickly, thoroughly and correctly, without disruptions, errors or delays.

Maintenance and Support

Maintaining your hardware in peak operating condition is vital to your success. Our hardware maintenance services deliver the peace of mind that comes with knowing your infrastructure will perform consistently, and that any issues will be dealt with efficiently and fast. Service calls are prioritized, tracked and managed automatically, and can be customized to suit your needs for same-day, next-day or third-day response.

Available hardware service agreements include Total Care, with on-site service for all register and other major components; Advance Exchange, which reduces costs via remote service; Warranty Management, through which we handle all service agreements provided by your hardware manufacturers; and Hyrbrid Services that combine elements of each service agreement type.

Implementation Services

Implementation Services

Faster speed to value, superior quality, reduced costs

Implementing your solutions quickly and effectively depends on well-coordinated teamwork and clear communication to establish and manage roles, responsibilities, timelines and expectations. It also depends on proven methodologies refined through years of best practices, and knowledge of your solutions at level that no third-party can match. Aptos delivers in all ways.

With Aptos, your solutions are implemented by the experts who know them best: the same people who developed them. We apply decades of experience with the aim to not just get you up and running, but to fundamentally improve your business processes through the use of our solutions, supported by comprehensive change management.

With Aptos Store and Mobile Store, that in-house advantage extends to all aspects of deployment. Our specialized team expertly integrates your software and hardware and manages all aspects of your rollout, from staging and shipping to installation and testing, throughout your chain and anywhere in the world, while ensuring full compliance with local standards and regulations.

With all solutions, we are also fully experienced integrating to all third-party applications. We work effectively with third-party vendors and ensure that you understand the interfaces and the requirements of your technical environment.

Five steps to success

Our time tested and proven five-stage implementation methodology gives you direct exposure to your solutions very early in the process, resulting in go-lives that are up to 50% faster than with conventional methods, increasing your speed to value and reducing your costs.

To ensure understanding, governance and follow-through at every step, our Aptos implementation team will be structured with counterparts on your side, including a project sponsor and manager, integration analyst, business analysts, technical analysts and consultants.

After introducing you to our process, service structure and operations, we will:

1. Analyze

  • Conduct deep-dive solution and product reviews in relation to the clients’ environment, needs and objectives – to develop a clear understanding of what will be done and what is expected – to maximize value and minimize risk
  • Identify and plan to address any perceived issues, esp vis a vis integrations
  • Confirm hardware requirements

2. Scope

  • Establish configuration specs
  • Define application playbacks – confirmation of product review, agreements and expectations, including preparation for change management
  • Create the deployment, testing and training strategies and documentation
  • Prepare the project plan with specific timelines for each aspect of delivery and deployment

3. Execute

  • Install the solutions
  • Adjust configurations
  • Convert data
  • Develop the integration
  • Train your teams
  • Create a cutover plan

4. Test

  • Functional testing
  • Readiness testing
  • Support readiness testing

5. Deploy

  • Conduct end-user training – either with or for the client
  • Execute the cut-over
  • Deploy the solution
  • Support your end users for post-go-live or pilot
  • Transition you smoothly to customer support

Where special circumstances arise or changes are requested, we can engage you with other retailers who have been through a similar process to share and leverage their knowledge on your behalf. But in all cases, Aptos’ commitment to engaging customers differently through partnership defines and differentiates the entire process. We work not just for you but closely with you and focus on the same objectives: a predictable, seamless implementation experience that delivers quality and results at every stage.

Aptos Support Services

Aptos Support Services

Day in and day out, you expect your Aptos software to function as intended, to the highest performance standards. So do we. To meet those expectations, our professional support teams stand ready to troubleshoot and resolve any issues that may arise, quickly and effectively.

From implementation to 24/7 support

Your Aptos support team is introduced to you early in your implementation, then works closely with you during the final phases to ensure a smooth transition. This process is backed by complete documentation, system checks and weekly calls.

Ongoing Aptos support is comprehensive, and can be enhanced with numerous options. We can troubleshoot and correct software, hardware (which can cover repair and warranty management), network, third-party and procedural issues. For your stores, we offer both Help Desk support and, for retailers that do not have their own in-house help desks, Direct to Store Support.

In all cases, and as with all other Aptos services, you benefit from the support of experts who know your Aptos solutions better than anyone else can, and who gain deep familiarity with your business processes.

Rapid response, structured escalation

Corrective action for any issue is only a click away. After logging in to our Web portal, Aptos clients are connected to our level 1 Rapid Response team, which quickly conducts “triage” to distinguish issues that can be resolved directly (more than 65%) from those that require further investigation.

More complex or mission-critical issues will be escalated to level 2 without delay. Store issues can often be resolved remotely via VPN by hands-on Aptos technicians. Mission critical issues automatically involve Aptos managers and an “all-hands-on-deck” response, supported by continuous communications, to correct them in the shortest possible time.

In rare cases where patterns of non-critical issues are identified, or where a more in-depth technical approach is required, level 3 responders are engaged and remain dedicated until the problems are fully resolved.

With three levels of support and proven response protocols, Aptos enables you to operate your business with complete peace of mind.

Solution Services

Solution Services

You have the business: an established brand, valued merchandise, loyal customers. You have the plan—to improve efficiency, extend your offerings and grow both your revenue and chain. And of course you have the solutions—Aptos solutions, the industry’s best. But do you have the knowledge and resources to use them to their full potential?

Aptos Solutions Services are available to bridge any gaps that may exist between your ambitions and your ability to realize them with Aptos CRM, Analytics, Loss Prevention and other key solutions. They are delivered and managed by the professionals who know them best: the same people who designed them!

CRM Services

Aptos can support and optimize any and all aspects of your CRM program. Our consultants are available to deliver or assist with everything from in-depth customer segmentation, campaign strategies and loyalty program design and management to database hygiene, dashboard setup and reporting, as well as basic to advanced training for your CRM team.

Analytics Services

Analytics equips you to make sense and highly effective use of your retail data—to flag hidden challenges and opportunities, and to pursue them with actionable intelligence. Analytics services can support and enrich this key function by delivering a clear view of your business processes, identifying the best ways to track and improve them, and integrating these insights into your decision-making to continually drive efficiencies and gross margin gains.

Loss Prevention Services

For many retailers, automated, exception-based reporting is one of the most effective and efficient ways to reveal and deter fraud and support the prosecution of offenders. Aptos loss prevention specialists can ensure that your program is set up and functions correctly by aligning exception rules and reports with your business processes, managing your settings to accommodate change, auditing your LP data, presenting key leads for follow-up, and providing strategic consulting on the efficacy of your overall program. We can also train your staff to improve LP awareness and maintain an employee-friendly workplace while you clamp down on theft.

Contact Aptos for additional information on how Aptos services professionals can enrich your knowledge and capabilities with our solutions while leveraging your in-house resources for greater results.