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Aptos Analytics

One View of the Enterprise

Wouldnt it be great if you could easily dig through your mountains of data—and make clear sense of that data—to expose a consolidated, holistic view of your entire enterprise? A view that identifies the right action to take at the right time to positively impact sales, marketing, margins and inventory productivity?

Now, you can.

Deeper Insights for Better Decisions

Aptos Analytics combines advanced data warehousing and sophisticated retail big data analytics to aggregate, integrate and illuminate information from across your retail organization, allowing you to take full advantage of the power of one view of the entire enterprise. The solutions’ powerful, easy-to-use tools are designed to ensure that merchandising, marketing, store operations and executive teams make highly effective decisions, fully informed by what’s happening within and across each area of the business.

As a result, Aptos Analytics equips you to quickly understand and correctly respond to constantly changing conditions with actionable and repeatable processes that tackle your team’s biggest challenges, giving your team more time to think strategically and effectively run the business.

Audit and Operations Management

Aptos Audit and Operations Management

The Power of One Truth

Aptos Audit and Operations Management (AOM) consolidates accurate, complete and timely data that allows you to respond to current and future business activities based on an informed and actionable view of your business. By leveraging transaction data across an omni-channel enterprise, Aptos AOM validates information before it is sent to other systems and drives more accurate execution of enterprise operations.

Aptos AOM provides retailers with a seamless data integration tool that easily identifies where problems lie, powers exception-based auditing, offers formidable reporting and analytics and generates one version of the truth that can be shared with the entire enterprise. Aptos (AOM) efficiently processes transactional data from all channels and feeds audited, accurate data to the enterprise systems that depend on it.

Payment and Security are Priority #1

In addition, payments and security – top of mind issues with every retailer – are also top of mind at Aptos. We employ proven end-to-end encryption (E2EE) to ensure that your cardholders’ data is never directly identified at any point during its journey to and from the bank. With our PA-DSS certified Aptos Secure Data Manager (SDM), or FiPay from our partner AJB, data is fully encrypted on the PIN pad (using VeriFone VeriShield) with bank-owned ‘keys’. It is then securely communicated to the point of sale, transmitted directly to the bank for authorization, and re-encrypted before being returned to your POS.

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Control Breeds Confidence

With firm control over your transactions and resources, decision makers will have full confidence in the integrity of your data, an accurate picture of your activities, and the ability to make better business decisions.

Aptos AOM suite:

  • Supports all types of retailers in multiple countries, currencies, and languages
  • Integrates with a wide range of systems and devices
  • Incorporates powerful querying and reporting tools
  • Centralizes control and tracking of all vouchers (e.g. gift cards), layaways, and special orders
  • Centralizes sales tax tracking and reconciliation and provides full VAT support
  • Includes a powerful exception-based Loss Prevention (LP) application
  • Compiles comprehensive performance data for review and follow-up

Aptos CRM and Clienteling

The Power of One Customer

You know the challenges: fierce competition from other retailers and increasingly demanding consumers. Together, they make customer loyalty both imperative for your business and extremely difficult to achieve. Combined with an ever-growing list of retailers working harder than ever to lure your customers away, you need to work smarter than ever to retain them and build their value to your brand. And you also know the potential impact of one-to-one customer engagement on loyalty and revenues, but you haven’t found a solution that makes it easy.

Identify, Profile, Segment, Engage, Motivate, Reward

Aptos can help you put the Power of One to work in your brand. Aptos CRM combines a 360-degree view of your customer with powerful segmentation, loyalty, and campaign management tools. Together, they help you identify, profile, segment, engage, motivate and reward each customer by creating personalized, consistent customer experiences across channels that drive visits, sales, enhance loyalty and nurture campaign effectiveness.

245 Million Shoppers Can’t Be Wrong

Aptos’s long history in retail CRM spans 22 years, and our solutions power 175 retail brands that engage over 245M shoppers every day through our solutions. We help you build consolidated customer profiles that include what they buy, what they want and how they engage through multiple channels via increasingly complex paths to purchase. We then help you apply that knowledge to design, execute and manage personalized, relevant, and high-impact loyalty programs, marketing campaigns and real-time communications throughout the customer lifecycle.

The Inherent Power of Each

The power of Aptos’ solution lies in the inherent ability for every associate to know what each customer purchased, returned, viewed, visited, clicked and liked, in every channel and in very location. The power of Aptos CRM lies in rich analytics that uncover hidden gems about purchase behaviors and shopper tendencies that help merchants develop offers that capitalize on those tendencies to drive traffic, revenue and margin.

The power of Aptos CRM lies in your ability to know each customer as if they were your only customer.

Digital Commerce

Aptos Digital Commerce

The Power of One Brand

Shoppers now enthusiastically and relentlessly traverse retail brands via countless devices, channels, and locations to accommodate their needs and choices for each purchase journey. They expect to transition fluidly across touch points, and they will no longer tolerate inaccuracies, inconsistencies, confusion or delays.

To deliver seamless experiences you need a singular commerce platform that unifies channels and interactions, and enables you to recognize and respond to each shopper anywhere on their paths to purchase with informed, personalized support.

Aptos Digital Commerce is designed for singular commerce. It lets you engage and connect with your customers consistently no matter how they choose to interact – via web site, mobile device, Facebook, or call center – and instantly customize each customer’s experience to reflect their unique preferences and purchase history.

Aptos Digital Commerce includes a robust and highly flexible online store with highly responsive design that optimizes your sites and your customers’ experiences on a wide range of devices. Digital Commerce makes it easy for you to showcase your products, deliver compelling offers, access loyalty information, drive sales and provide superlative service. With Aptos Digital Commerce, you’re right there wherever your customers want you to be and fully prepared to capture more sales.

Digital Commerce also enables complete content management; search engine optimization; omni-channel logic and functions, including save-the-sale and order management; cross-channel promotions management; and a single view of your products, customers, and transactions.

In essence, this powerful suite provides everything you need to deliver a connected, consistent, and seamless experience to your customers online, on the go, as well as in your stores and through any other available selling channels. With Aptos Digital Commerce on your side, you’ll be able to engage, empower, and respond to each shopper anywhere along their path to purchase with informed, personalized interactions —driving conversions and increasing customer satisfaction.

These advantages are delivered through two versions of Digital Commerce tailored to the distinct preferences and practices of retailers in North America and Europe.

Inventory Management

Aptos Enterprise Order Management

The Power of One Order

Ever-increasing consumer expectations for order delivery/pick-up flexibility, options and speed make it more important than ever before to have an arsenal of order management tools capable of effectively and profitably – managing high volumes of orders across multiple channels and locations. Aptos Order Management solutions tap into the power of a single view of the customer, inventory and the order to profitably manage all orders throughout their lifecycle, from initiation to fulfillment and back (RMAs).

A Centralized Commerce Hub

Whether your company sells to businesses (B2B) or individual consumers (B2C) Shopping via marketplace, store, kiosk, Facebook, mobile device or your website, Aptos Order Management serves as a central commerce hub to ensure efficient, profitable, and on time execution of every order through every fulfillment option.

With an open API built from the ground up to integrate with and extend legacy commerce platforms, Aptos Order Management routinely integrates with existing technologies to make it easy to successfully deploy within a wide variety of environments. Aptos Order Management works seamlessly with all other Aptos solutions, as part of your Digital Commerce platform, or as a standalone technology that integrates with third party solutions.

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Integrated Omni-Channel Excellence

Aptos Order Management functions across all in-store and digital touch points, including complete integration with Aptos POS, for a unified view of the online/offline intersection of commerce, order brokering, order management, order fulfillment, logistics and analytics and everything in between.

Inventory Management

Accurate, integrated, and timely Inventory Management ensures your head office, warehouse, stores and customers have direct access to real-time inventory information across the enterprise to ensure that every piece of inventory is available to every shopper, in every location.

Inventory Management ensures your head office, warehouse, stores and customers have direct access to real-time inventory information across the enterprise to ensure that every piece of inventory is available to every shopper, in every location. Aptos WebIM provides all users and with access to Inventory Management via Web browser interface on either a PC or mobile device.

Manage Merchandise

Aptos Merchandising Solutions

The Power of One Inventory

You invest a lot of resources to plan, acquire, distribute and manage your merchandise. At each step, you make decisions to reflect your brand, appeal to your customers and drive your business. But are they based on the full realities of your business and delivering great results?

They must be. Because today, your shoppers will no longer waste time with irrelevant merchandise; theyll just walk or click away. More than ever, they want to experience your products as a single collection designed exclusively for them. And your customers want those products to be priced right and placed right every time, so they are always available whenever, wherever and however they choose to shop.

Equally important, your bottom line can no longer tolerate underperforming products, stock outs, or failures to respond quickly and correctly to shifting supply chain conditions and consumer trends. Competitive pressures and margins are just way too tight.

Manage Merchandise in Step with Your Customers and Markets

Aptos merchandising solutions address all of these challenges and more. They are designed to optimize inventory and your ability to align it with your customers and with changing market conditions. Our solutions give you a holistic view of your omni-channel operations that lets you clearly understand whats happening with your merchandise, and the tools to do whatevers needed to meet your customers expectations.

With Aptos you can leverage three core solutions to manage the entire product life cycle across your omni-channel enterprise, from planning and purchasing to allocation, pricing, promotions, replenishment and more. You will integrate a complete range of merchandising and planning processes with the power or one inventory to bring your brand vision to life in every channel and accelerate your success.

Point of Sale

Aptos Point of Sale

Your stores are showcases for your customers and the foundation of their experience with your brand, even in omni-channel environments. You need that experience to be relevant, efficient and inspiring to every customer, every time. And Aptos makes that happen. With Aptos, point of sale is no longer about processing transactions; its about empowering experiences that increase sales.

122,000 Stores Across the Globe…and Counting

As the POS solution used by more softgoods retailers than any other, Aptos Store and Aptos Mobile Store enable more than 300 brands in 40 countries to engage customers through over 120,000 stores with personalized, efficient and empowered interactions, and to integrate and connect their store operations to every channel, location and touchpoint.

Well-Established Leadership Credentials

Year after year, in study after study, Aptos Store solutions are consistently ranked among the leaders in the industry, and 2015 has been no exception. Aptos was named the Leader in the 2015 Forrester Wave for Point of Service, the leading provider to softgoods retailers by IHL, and #1 in overall market share by Boston Retail Partners.

Rich Functionality that Helps You Engage Differently

Aptos Store and Aptos Mobile Store include centralized, real-time features designed to enhance engagement and drive sales by empowering sales associates with one view of inventory; a 360 view of each customer, including the ability to see whats in their closet with Aptos Clienteling; and access to all transaction details through Aptos Returns Management to ensure accurate refunds of purchases made in any store or channel.

Aptos Store also enables store staff to manage their business more efficiently with a full complement of back office functions and applications, including managers dashboard, inventory management, employee management, time and attendance (including clock in and clock out management, attendance verification and editing, and reporting) store messaging, electronic journal, and cash management, all supported by Enterprise Store Central, a centralized data transfer and consolidation module.

Leveraging omni-channel visibility and deep customer knowledge, Aptos Store and Mobile Store provide every store associate a holistic view of each consumer, each order, and each piece of inventory. Associates have immediate access to insights into which product a loyal customer purchases from your brick-and-mortar store, which product that customer plans to pick-up at another store and which product they are having shipped to their home.

And managers have complete visibility into the operation of the entire store, from the receiving door to checkout.

Aptos: One customer… one transaction…one solution…one integrated experience.

Payment and Security are Priority #1

In addition, payment and security are top of mind issues with every retailer and they are also top of mind at Aptos. We employ proven end-to-end encryption (E2EE) to ensure that your cardholders data is never directly identified at any point during its journey to and from the bank. With our PA-DSS certified Aptos Secure Data Manager (SDM), or FiPay from our partner AJB, data is fully encrypted on the PIN pad (using VeriFone VeriShield) with bank-owned keys. It is then securely communicated to the point of sale, transmitted directly to the bank for authorization, and re-encrypted before being returned to your POS.

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Aptos Secure Data Manager is a cornerstone application that consolidates payment cardholder data and manages it in a secure manner. ESDM is a PA-DSS certified solution that supports and simplifies your PCI-DSS audit. Further streamline security through tokenization using Secure Data Manager. When an application using Secure Data Manager receives sensitive data such as cardholder data, it generates a token to represent this information. This token is then passed on to the application, limiting the exposure of the sensitive data itself. Tokenization helps to reduce the costs, resources, and risks associated with storing sensitive data. Payment authorization and settlement service is responsible for administering the sensitive data for authorization and settlement processing with the provider. This is executed by decrypting the necessary information in memory and formatting it appropriately for the specified provider.

Aptos Store

Serving on the front-lines, your store associates are critical to ensuring an inspired customer experience. Aptos Store POS (point-of-sale) empowers every associate in every location with the tools they require to improve both the customer experience and their productivity.

Aptos POS reduces checkout times with flexible workflows and bio-metric capabilities while driving sales with support for advanced transaction types, extensive promotions and deal executions, store CRM, and more.

Aptos Store facilitates exceptional customer service by providing easy access to all product information, inventory, pricing intelligence and customer history to help shoppers make confident decisions. Aptos Store also ensures that every order form outside the store is quickly and accurately fulfilled with powerful worklist functionality that ensure every fulfillment task is assigned, tracked and completed.

Combined with end-to-end encryption and all the resources you need to process transactions efficiently on your customers terms, Aptos Store lets you captivate shoppers, grow your business and continually drive sales.

Aptos Mobile Store

In todays world of instant gratification, a mobile solution is not only useful but essential. Aptos Mobile Store uses the same architecture as our standard POS application to facilitate rapid delivery of deep functionality on a variety of mobile devices.

Aptos Mobile Store takes Aptos Store to the next level by empowering employees to interact with and assist shoppers through their iOS?or Windows mobile devices. Aptos Mobile Store empowers every associate to deliver seamless service, instantly answer questions and complete transactions without delays. Retailers that utilize Aptos Mobile Store report increased conversion rates, a rise in dollars and units per transaction, improved employee productivity and, ultimately, a better performing enterprise.

Aptos Mobile Store gives store managers and sales associates instant, on-the-go access to the tools they need to enhance customer service and complete end-to-end POS transactions, look up items, locate stock, and carry out various omni-channel management functions.