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Centennials: The Next Big Thing in Retail

There are 14 million Centennials age 18 or over in the US, and 55 million more growing up fast. By 2018 they will they wield close $200B in purchasing power, and retail stores will be filled with these kids – either as shoppers or associates.

We think its time to start paying attention to what make them tick, what makes them shop, what makes them buy. Aptos Marketing Director Dave Bruno has researched this generation extensively, and he enjoys speaks about them to retail organizations and at industry events.

Jessica Binns, Contributing Writer for Apparel Magazine, attended one of Dave’s recent sessions on Centennials, and wrote a great summary of his research and point of view in the latest issue.

Take a look, and you too can be #OnFleek!


Now On Demand: Debbie McCarthy of DXL and Greg Girard of IDC Join Aptos for Size Curve Webinar

Most retailers can attest to the complexity and challenges inherent in creating size curves that align to local demand patterns. Too often, the sheer volume of data will cause most merchants attempting to align size profiles with each store to swing and miss.

However, help is on the way. To discuss how new technology can help manage the complexity of modern size curve management, Aptos sponsored a webinar produced by Apparel magazine. The panel discussion, moderated by Susan Nichols, Publisher of Apparel, featuring three size curve experts:

Greg Girard,  Program Director, Merchandise Strategies, IDC
Debbie McCarthy, VP of Merchandise Systems Support, DXL
Nick Leeper, Director, Product Management, Analytic Applications, Aptos

The enlightening and engaging discussion is now available on demand. Tune in to see if the technology may be a fit for your organization.


A Truly Self Made Brand: Visiting Windsor Fashions

A few weeks ago, several Aptos colleagues spent the day visiting long-time Aptos client Windsor Fashions. As part of the visit, the good people at Windsor gave us a tour of their operation, where they maintain extremely careful watch over every aspect of their brand.

From managing model selection and photo shoots for all their advertising and digital channels (as pictured above), to building all their store fixtures in a wood shop embedded in their Southern California DC, they pay attention to every detail.

An impressive commitment to brand from an impressive company.

Thanks for a great visit!


Engaging Customers Differently

It happens to many of us too often, and we’ll bet it’s happened to you: You need to buy something, and you brace yourself slightly to manage the experience. Because whether you’re shopping for skis in a store or for shirts online, part of you anticipates having to work—and sometimes fight—just to get what you want.

But every once in a while you’re pleasantly surprised: You’re served by a person (or a digital commerce solution) who delivers exactly what you want—and more—at a much higher standard than you had come to expect. A person who sees every part of the interaction from your point of view and who directs it around your interests, not theirs.

In essence, you’re engaged differently. And in the process, you’re made to feel differently—and infinitely better—about your entire shopping experience. You remember it. You savor it. And you mark it as a bar you want every other retailer to clear.

Above and beyond

Aptos gets it. We understand that, as a retailer who aspires to lead, you want to delight your customers. (Besides, most of them now won’t have it any other way!) Which is, in part, why you’re here.

But we also understand that you want and expect to be delighted with us, from your initial conversation through your implementation and for years to come.

And that’s why, early on, we made a commitment to engage our customers differently. To go above and beyond what other providers accept as their tried and true. And to deliver superior value, and a superior experience, at every point of engagement in response to your every need.


True Religion talks about leveraging Aptos to engage customers differently


A choice to excel

We start by taking the time to fully understand those needs. We choose to ask in-depth questions because we want to achieve in-depth results, based on the best possible fit between our solutions and your environment, processes, customers and objectives. And because we know that, ultimately, your interests and our interest are one and the same.

We choose to serve you not as vendors engaged in a sale but as collaborative partners engaged with your business. Our responsibility extends far beyond delivering solutions to ensuring they perform continually as intended to drive your customer relationships, enterprise processes, growth and bottom line.

We choose to be guided first and foremost not by the pursuit of profit but by sound principles, so we can work together for the right reasons in the right way: The Aptos Way—creatively, urgently, authentically and reliably. It’s who we are, and it makes both for better solutions and stronger relationships.

And with all of this, we’ve chosen to commit ourselves not just to promises to but to results. We recognize that the value we derive is inexplicably linked to the value we deliver. Which is why we’ve chosen, with confidence, to link our own compensation directly to your perception of our success: of how well you think we’re working on your behalf to help move the needle on your success.

“Our engagement with Aptos has built trust, honest dialogue, and mutual accountability. That’s made a real difference to our relationship & results.”

~ charming charlie

The opportunity option

At Aptos, these choices are not about branding. They reflect a way of thinking that informs everything we do and every decision we make. They’re at the heart of a proven and very different approach to customer engagement that benefits you and us. After all, being an agent of extraordinary service is fact an extraordinary pleasure that we want to experience time after time.

Like all companies, including your company, we have an opportunity option: a choice and a chance to do something different and uncommon and immensely rewarding for our business and ourselves, by doing something remarkable for our clients. In large measure, it’s why they’ve elected to be our clients: they want a better experience that in all ways delivers more.

What about you?


BCBGMAXAZRIA Selects Aptos Retail Solutions in the Cloud

The Women’s Ready-to-Wear and Accessories Retailer Gears Up for Growth

New Technology will Support Improved Omni-Channel Integration and Personalized Customer Engagement via Singular Commerce and Seamless Experiences

ATLANTA, January 11, 2016 ? Aptos, Inc.,a recognized market leader in retail technology solutions, today announced BCBG Max Azria Group, LLC has selected Aptos solutions in the cloud to integrate the retailers in-store and digital commerce operations, supporting a seamless omni-channel experience for its loyal BCBGMAXAZRIA customers.

Always on the forefront of fashion, BCBGMAXAZRIA is the premier lifestyle collection for todays modern woman. Reconciling creativity with accessibility and desirability with wearability, BCBGMAXAZRIA occupies a unique position in American fashion, offering sophisticated, confident designs that take consumers from work to weekend in style. BCBGMAXAZRIA is sold in over 1,000 points of sale worldwide. The collection is also showcased in in-store shops in top department stores across the globe.

To support its commitment to servicing customers, BCBGMAXAZRIA was looking to transform its aging legacy systems, integrate sales channels, and elevate the in-store customer experience, while gaining 360-degree visibility of customers, inventory and transactions across all channels. The company found the tools to do all that and more with Aptos Mobile Store (for Point of Sale), Aptos Enterprise Order Management, Aptos CRM and Aptos Sales Audit.

BCBGMAXAZRIAs new all mobile Point of Sale deployment, together with the new CRM system, will support a more streamlined and convenient check out process and empower store associates to provide more personalized and consultative engagement.
Enterprise order management will enable BCBGMAXAZRIA to locate the exact products customers want quickly and easily from inventory located anywhere across its retail enterprise and then have those items conveniently shipped to their homes.

BCBGMAXAZRIA customers will also benefit from a centralized returns process.
All Aptos solutions will be deployed in the cloud, providing reduced risk, improved speed-to-value, and freeing up information technology resources to focus on additional projects fostering growth and innovation.

“Our investment in Aptos will provide our customers with a consistent shopping experience across channels so we can meet their needs and exceed expectations no matter how they choose to engage with us – whether online or in the store,” said BCBGMAXAZRIA CIO Robert Fort. “Our associates will be empowered, more productive and more responsive in engaging with customers via the industry-leading Aptos Mobile Store solution.”

“The BCBGMAXAZRIA name is renowned in the world of womens fashion,” said Noel Goggin, Aptos CEO and culture leader. “Aptos solutions ideally support its extensive omni-channel enterprise to seamlessly integrate sales channels and operations, reduce system complexity, and enable more personalized customer engagement. As well, BCBGMAXAZRIAs move to cloud-based retail systems will provide agility and flexibility to support new and emerging business needs and improved speed-to-market.”

With over 122,000 stores live on its singular commerce platform available in the cloud, more than 500 retail brands across the globe rely on cloud-ready Aptos solutions to generate over $523 billion in annual revenues.

Aptos: Engaging Customers Differently

In an era of virtually limitless choice, sustained competitive advantage only comes to retailers who engage customers differently ? by truly understanding who they are, what they want and why they buy. At Aptos, we too, believe that engaging customers differently is critical to our success. We are committed to a deep understanding of each of our clients, to fulfilling their needs with the retail industrys most comprehensive omni-channel solutions, and to fostering long-term relationships built on tangible value and trust. More than 500 retail brands rely upon our Singular Commerce platform to deliver every shopper a personalized, empowered and seamless experienceno matter when, where or how they shop.

Erin Lutz
Lutz PR for Aptos
+1 949 293 1055