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Shark Tank Competitor 3 – TruRating

Georgina Nelson, Founder and CEO of TruRating wants to provide business insight at the exact point of sale. They ask 1-second questions about rating the service received during the experience.

With 1 billion ratings expected via the platform by end of 2017 and 88% of shopper response rate, retailers of all sizes in any vertical stand to benefit from this simple solution. An interactive dashboard shows the best time of day for service, department, location, external competitors, and among local stores. Retail Operations, HR, Marketing and more can use the feedback to drive new efficiencies, as many already are.

Jumping into the ‘Shark Tank’

The Engage version of Shark Tank starts now! Technology companies review their new retail ideas and innovations and then attendees vote for their favorite via the Engage mobile app based on the potential value for their business. Mike Verdeyen, Technology Leader at Aptos, hosts Solution Shark Tank, while Vicki Cantrell and Joe Skorupa play the sharks!

Duhhh nuhhh duhhh nuhhh…. (poor Jaws theme attempt)

Power of Partners

The ability to maintain flexibility for our solutions and for our customers is incredibly important. In the last six months partnering with experts in areas of growth and retailer need has become an even greater focus.

We can’t provide every feature and function of the systems you need, but we can provide the platform that enables you to have the best of everything on your side. This drives better engagement and better loyalty.

Avoiding Threats of Network Interruption

We’re demonstrating the power of our solution to eliminate the business hazards of network interruption.

Now, transactions offline are stored locally when the network is down, and then process the sale in the cloud as soon as the store application acknowledges WiFi. The store associate, the customer, and the business are completely uninterrupted. This is real. The power is here. And we’re just getting started.

The Power of Microservices

What does “omni-channel” mean?

Consumer view: Omni-channel means having a consistent, integrated experience across all channels.

Technologist View: Omni-channel means having one service be independently responsible for each business function.

Microservices allow both sides to have their definition be true. They drive a cloud-native approach to all capabilities that can scale independently from each other without business interruption in concert with activity going through the system.

The Evolving Store of the Future

Brick and mortar is more complicated than pure e-commerce. But Amazon doesn’t have (many) stores. So how are traditional retailers evolving to make sure they provide customers new experiences and opportunities that Amazon doesn’t?

From using stores as showrooms and distribution centers, to extending the brand with pop up shops to capitalize on events without fixed costs, retailers are redefining the definition of physical retail. Adaptation is key to evolution and survival.

Mobile App vs. Responsible Mobile Site

A mobile app can be really helpful, but often is not on the roadmap for a lot of retailers. It requires a huge investment to optimize their websites for mobile and also build out an app, so many (roughly half) have chosen to go with the mobile site only.

Any need for an app comes from driving greater connection with a loyalty program. Performance Bicycle gets 52% of sales through their loyalty program already through current systems and responsive mobile webpage. For others, building an app would require new capabilities and unique features like an online personal stylist to mimic in-store support.


Discussion: Active Use of Mobile, Data and Engagement

Mobile is necessary, but it is also aspirational. And is the epitome of omnichannel. Some of our attendees discuss their experiences using Snapchat to deliver a greater experience using branded geo-filters that enable them to share personalized offers down the road and increase conversion and loyalty.

Combining the best of digital innovation and physical store engagement can provide a competitive advantage that doesn’t just support profitability but provides a mutually beneficial experience.