The Aptos Way

A principled path to success.
We believe in doing things the right way, and we back it up. It’s that simple.

You’re committed to advancing your business—to achieving higher goals and sustaining growth. We share that commitment, unconditionally. To fulfil it, we’ll work with you not just as providers but as fully engaged long-term partners. So while our technology matters, along with our services, experience and expertise, so do our values.

Values determine not just what gets decided and done but how. They can make or break how confident and comfortable you are in working with our teams. That’s why we’re very clear about our values. And why the ones that underpin our relationship with you are the same ones that are actively reinforced in our workplace, day in and day out.

Our values define our corporate culture. They drive performance. And they ensure that we always work together in the right way: with a pioneering spirit, a sense of community, and authenticity. It’s The Aptos Way.

Pioneering spirit.

Problem solving. It’s about questioning everything and thoroughly understanding your business in the pursuit of a better way. Leveraging best practices, yes, but not blindly relying on what’s been done before just because it might be convenient for us.

A sense of urgency. We attack challenges creatively and assertively with a “never-say-die” approach, plus a commitment to engage whatever resources are needed to get the job done quickly and done right.

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A strong sense of community.

Collaboration. Everything and every team works better together. We collaborate openly and effectively knowing that everyone involved in a project has the potential to contribute something valuable and unique.

Philanthropy. Our vision of success extends beyond our company and bottom line. As active supporters of RetailROI, we help children in need worldwide through fundraising at retail events, our Commerce of Caring podcast series, and the direct involvement of our colleagues.

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Transparency. True partnership means working openly, honestly and with no hidden agendas. We follow that approach with every project, client and colleague.

Humility. We’re driven by our desire to achieve real and meaningful results for our clients—not by our egos. We allow no room for brilliant jerks.

Because we’re guided by these sound principles, not just the pursuit of profit, we work together with our clients and colleagues for the right reasons and in the right way. Which means our commitment to engage customers differently is more than a tagline: It reflects a real, customer-focused culture that shapes everything we do.

Aptos Careers

At Aptos we also engage our colleagues differently in an exciting, collaborative environment that actively fosters a pioneering spirit, a strong sense of community, and absolute authenticity in everything we do.

Join us, and discover how enabling state-of-the-art shopping journeys can drive your career journey in rewarding new directions.

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