Noel Goggin

Noel Goggin

Culture Leader

25 years in technology solution leadership, including Epicor Retail, JDA, RedPrairie, Store Perform and Ecovate

About Noel:

Noel is a naturally curious person and an avid traveler, having visited 44 states in the US as well as 37 countries across the globe. He is also a sports fanatic, both as spectator and player, and he especially enjoys soccer, golf, skiing, and Hurling, the fastest game on grass and the national pastime of his native country of Ireland.

Noel on the Aptos Way:

“Many companies are fraught with politics, confusion and, as Jim Collins would put it, ‘genius with a thousand helpers.’ Working with startups helped to frame my view that the people are far more capable than they realize, and that by providing a healthy working environment where players can express themselves, be empowered, and focus on results, I believe that Aptos can provide a great environment where the ‘good guys’ want to work, free from politics and focused on enabling our customers to drive game changing business results.

“Growing up on a farm has taught me the value of transparency, responsibility and hard work. I believe that most people want to feel part of a winning team, to engage our customers in a more personal and rewarding manner, and to identify with community goals that are larger than ourselves.”

David Baum

David Baum

Legal Leader

15 years in technology legal counsel and leadership, including Epicor Retail, NSB Retail, and STS Systems

About David:

David is a passionate guitar player and collector. In the late 80s/early 90s he was an aspiring musician in a progressive rock band (think Yes, Rush, etc.) but eventually realized his aspirations outpaced his talent, and opted to make his living via the law. Off he went to law school…and the rest, as they say, is rock and roll history. Today, on most weekends you will find David rocking out in his basement to the (now) classics, with his amps turned up to 11 (until his kids tell him to turn down the volume, anyway).

David on the Aptos Way:

“Authenticity is really important to me. Being authentic means there’s no place for posturing. My goal is to help Aptos and our clients be successful and to achieve that, sometimes you need to have difficult discussions and transparency is key to gaining the trust of others.

“I strive to make the legal function the antithesis of what people would normally expect. Instead of saying ‘no, you can’t do that,’ or ‘we can’t agree to that in a contract,’ My goal is to solve problems creatively and in ways that benefit Aptos, my internal clients, and our external clients. That’s what the Pioneering Spirit and Engaging Customers differently means to me.”

Mark Bentler

Mark Bentler

Finance Leader

23 years in financial leadership, including Epicor Retail, NSB Retail, KPMG, Focus One Media Group, and Sonomax Health Care Group

About Mark:

Mark is an avid cyclist who enjoys exploring the beauty surrounding his home in Montreal. When the weather snow flies, he trades in his wheels for Telemark skis. On winter weekends you will find Mark on beautiful Mont Tremblant in Quebec, climbing up and Telemarking down.

Mark on the Aptos Way:

“We are building teams and an approach that hinge on authenticity and a pioneering spirit. This differentiates us as a company and creates an environment where the right people will want to work and indeed will thrive.”

Nicole Crowe

Nicole Crowe

Marketing Leader

23 years in technology and software marketing, including Epicor Retail, JDA, RedPrairie, International Business Systems, Manhattan Associates, and ACI Worldwide

About Nicole:

Outside of work, Nicole focuses her energy on sparking the interest of youth in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) related activities and professions. Whether helping her kids’ school develop their own STEM lab or connecting the community, technical schools and local business organizations with youth groups, she is passionate about sharing the limitless possibilities STEM holds for our youth, no matter their background. When not busy with STEM, Nicole spends her time trying not to get injured in an indoor soccer league.

Nicole on the Aptos Way:

“I make a conscious effort to embrace the Aptos Way philosophy of “Enjoying the Journey and Having Fun along the Way” for myself and my team. We take our work very seriously, but not ourselves, making sure to have fun every day.”

On Authenticity and Transparency: “Authenticity and transparency are core to the Marketing team – it’s at the heart of the Aptos brand and a key ingredient of the ‘secret sauce’ to how we Engage Customers Differently. As brand ambassadors, our team embraces these attributes to create a culture that inspires colleagues, customers and partners to engage with us differently and experience a marketing partnership like never before.”

Bill Joyce

Bill Joyce

Customer Success Leader

15 years in technology services leadership, including Epicor Retail, JDA, RedPrairie, Marc Global, and Manhattan Associates

About Bill:

Bill enjoys running and has spent much of his free time traveling to see his favorite classic rock bands, including the Bob Dylan and the Allman Brothers. Bill has seen Bob Dylan live in concert no less than 50 times.

Bill on the Aptos Way:

“To me, culture is the most important ingredient in growing a successful company. My goal with the Client Success organization is to create a culture where we Engage Customers Differently by focusing on relationships and not transactions.

“The projects we engage in are complex – the most successful are those where we partner with our customers in a way that is mutually Authentic, Sincere and Transparent – the Aptos Way.”

Bill Joyce

Frank Lord

Growth Leader

Over 20 years’ experience in technology sales leadership, including Oracle Retail, Art Technology Group (ATG), Cisco, and AT&T.

About Frank:

Frank combines his love for travel, reading, sports and cooking to enrich his life. Having lived in Europe for about 25 years, he travels broadly with his family, at times to learn about the history and culture of some new destination, while at other times to relax and take in a Formula One race or an American football game. Frank is also an avid photographer and collector of rare first edition classic English and American novels.

Frank on the Aptos Way:

“Retailers are faced with a huge challenge of meeting the needs of the empowered consumer while facing the seismic pressures of Amazon and others, and they need a technology partner that will lock arms with them for the long term, evolving and competing in a very quickly changing world.”

“Aptos is completely focused on solving the problems of retailing through its technology, delivery and most importantly its people. Because Aptos hires people that care about the customer and their problems, it comes with an entirely different perspective. Long term, delivering value drives a refreshingly healthy relationship between the customers and Aptos.”

“Just as I learned growing up, and through many years of retailing, providing exceptional service to the customer is paramount to success and it is rewarded with continued loyalty and patronage”

Ian Rawlins

Ian Rawlins

Strategy Leader

25 years in retail technology, including Epicor Retail, SAP and Triversity

About Ian:

Outside of work Ian loves the thrill of competition, whether that’s on the ice in a game of hockey, enjoying a spirited Monopoly game, racing to the bottom of a ski hill or playing in the annual Rawlins family Crokinole tournament on Christmas day .

Ian on the Aptos Way:

On the Pioneering Spirit: “As a serial entrepreneur participating in several start-up organizations, I believe instituting a culture of innovation is a primary key to success, no matter the size of the business or how successful the business has become. We live in a world that is constantly changing at an ever-increasing pace, requiring continual reflection and renewal. A true pioneer sees the opportunity in change and seizes that opportunity with a sense of urgency, creativity and passion. That is the spirit that I am working to see developed further within Aptos.”

On Engaging our Community with Transparency: “Our tagline ‘Engaging Customers Differently’ speaks to the idea that the traditional large vendor / retailer relationship in the retail technology space needs to change. I fundamentally believe the authenticity and transparency that often is a key characteristic of relationships between smaller startup companies and their customers doesn’t have to be abandoned as a company grows and matures into a large entity. I believe it is possible to be a large company that sustains intimate and collaborative relationships with customers that are framed by honesty, sincerity and mutual success. I’m excited to see how this is unfolding at Aptos and how Engaging Customers Differently is becoming an acknowledged reality of our culture.”

On Giving Back: “A key part of our culture is recognition that we are part of something beyond ourselves, that we have an obligation to find ways to contribute to our world that make a difference in people’s lives. Our participation in the retail industry’s Retail Orphan Initiative is a very tangible way that vendors like Aptos can do this. Figuring out how to best capitalize on our relationships within the industry to spearhead this aspect of our company is a key driver for me.”

Steve Stanislaus

Steve Stanislaus

People Leader

30 years managing people and communications, including The Bradford Group, Baxter Health Care, Ability One and Aptean

About Steve:

Steve earned a BA in Psychology and an MBA and Master of Labor and Industrial Relations from Michigan State University. He is an avid cyclist, riding over 5,000 miles per year. Steve is also a classic car enthusiast, with a special affinity for original, survivor cars.

Steve on the Aptos Way:

“One of my favorite sayings is, ‘Perception is reality.’ This simple phrase reinforces the importance of recognizing things from others’ point of view and encourages understanding, clarity and the opportunity to find common ground. ’Engaging Customers Differently’ requires that same reflection and is one of the things that drew me to Aptos. As Aptos’ People Leader, I feel especially responsible for encouraging this approach in everything that we do.”

Steve Towe

Steve Towe

Europe Leader

20+ years in senior management roles with fast-paced technology solutions companies including Masternaut, Trafficmaster and Cybit, as well as leading UK media retailer WHSmith.

About Steve:

A keen sports enthusiast, Steve spends much of his spare time following the fortunes of his local soccer team whilst scouring the globe to add to his extensive film and music memorabilia collection. Building on his love for travel and his experiences working and living in several European countries, including Sweden, Germany, Spain and France, Steve has developed a diverse and multi-cultural approach to business and life.

Steve on the Aptos Way:

“I’ve learned from experience that working authentically while encouraging entrepreneurship enables people to deliver results beyond their own perceived capabilities and expectations.  But this can only really happen in open environments that have a strong culture based on honesty, transparency and trust—which is why I tend to have very little time for politics in the workplace. I’m passionate about solving problems and truly enjoy working with like-minded, brave and energetic people in the pursuit of new opportunities.”

Mike Verdeyen

Mike Verdeyen

Technology Leader

25 years in technology and software development, including International Business Systems, RedPrairie, McHugh Software, Software Architects Incorporated, and Digital Equipment Corporation

About Mike:

Mike holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, enjoys running and cycling and is a father of two girls. He is also a passionate sports fan, maintaining his allegiance to Packer nation, even from the warmer climes of Atlanta, and still bleeds Orange and Blue for his Fighting Illini.

Mike on the Aptos Way:

“In software development, being authentic is really the only way to work. Unfortunately, years ago I ran out of the ‘magic pixie dust’ that, when sprinkled on a keyboard, makes software magically appear. I have since found that transparency and authenticity represent the most direct path to progress – you can’t fix what you can’t see and don’t acknowledge.

On the Pioneering Spirit: A pioneering spirit is the heart of a product organization – people who embrace the “impossible,” overcome barriers, and find new ways to solve problems and drive efficiencies are critical to a healthy organization and product offering.

On Engaging Customers Differently: Customer intimacy drives innovation and value in a product set. I strive to bring our development teams to a deep understanding of our customer’s challenges and problems. The better our understanding across the development team, the better solutions we build, and the better those solutions fit the problems they are attempting to solve.