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Team Umph! Gets their Team Building On!

Earlier this week, one of our UK-based project teams, affectionately known as Team Umph, decided some good old fashioned team building was in order, so they arranged for an evening at Nando’s Chicken. The team enjoyed a dinner full of many of their Portugese-African specialties, highlighted by their legendary PERi PEri sauces. PERiPeri is an africa pepper, and when combined with the right ingredients it develops an unmistakable flavor with a kick of heat that everybody loves.

Thanks for the photos, Jemaine Karara, and for sharing the story of yet another memorable outing for all of Team Umph.

Celebrating a Major Milestone at Pier 1

Earlier this week, several Aptos colleagues, including Sarah Roberts, Mike Verdeyen and Terry Bissonnette joined member of the EMV team from Pier 1 as they celebrated the successful conclusion of the EMV certification for over 1,000 Pier 1 stores.

Unfortunately, the  only photograph taken isn’t perfect, but we hear from Sarah, Mike and Terry that the team’s spirits were glowing as much as their eyes as they celebrated the project’s completion!

As the Saying Goes, When in Texas, You Keep on Truckin’!

Earlier this week, colleagues Mike Verdeyen, Sarah Roberts and Terry Bissonnette headed to Texas to visit a client, and when they selected their rental car, they decided (as most Texans do, most of the time), to go BIG! So they chose to rent this — awesome — pickup truck to aid in their travels.

It looks to us like Mike (left) and Terry are starting to fit in already!

A Perfect Match: Sangrias and Quarterly Business Reviews at Paper Source

Several colleagues gathered this week at Paper Source headquarters for our quarterly business review meetings, and as the meeting reached into the afternoon hours, the good people at Paper Source brought in Sangrias for everyone. Now that is what we call engaging differently!

Aptos colleague Sarah Roberts is pictured here, clearly enjoying some of the festive libations!

What a Night: WHSmith Celebrates 225 Years (!) and Supports Cancer Research

Aptos was proud to sponsor a VIP table at the WHSmith 225-year anniversary ball in aid of ‘Stand up to Cancer’ and Cancer Research UK in London on November 8th. Aptos colleagues working on the WHSmith account adorned their Tuxedos and Ties for an evening of dining and entertainment with over 900 WHSmith colleagues and suppliers. Over 200,000 pounds were raised during the event!
Representing Aptos at the event were colleagues Richard Willis, Stevie McQuoid, Chris Chubb, Gary Harvey, Dave Tribe, Dean Wynne and Russell Bridges. Congrats to WHSmith for your amazing anniversary and for the great charity work!

October Colleague of the Month: Genevieve Riverin!

Peer recognition is one of the many ways The Aptos Way comes to life in our culture, and October was a banner month for colleagues “officially” thanking other colleagues. In just 30 days, we sent 139 “Way to Go” cards recognizing and thanking 110 colleagues, and when all the entries were received, Genevieve Riverin, pictured here, was drawn as this month’s winner.

Genevieve is part of our development team, and she is based in Montreal. And so, as we like to say at Aptos, Way to Go, Genevieve!

Tommy Bahama Makes Headlines with EOM and Analytics Investments

Tommy Bahama’s journey to enhance their direct-to-consumer business reached a milestone last month when they invested in Aptos Order Management and Analytics. As word of their focus on D2C (including stores) spreads, the industry is taking notice, as evidenced by a recent article in Retail Touchpoints.

As Tommy Bahama CEO Doug Wood stated, “We realized we had a guest who wanted to talk to us directly, and it changed our entire journey. Our question became, how do we open up stores and connect…?”

Aptos is proud to be part of their journey, and we wish them success…

Going to Extreme Measures…Even if it Means Maple Sugar!!!

Aptos colleague Mike Buckland (as evidenced by this photo) is a fitness fanatic, and rarely indulges in sweets. However, when on site with a customer, all bets are off. Like today when Account Manager Martin Geary thoughtfully brought maple syrup cookies from Canada for a client meeting this morning.

As everyone (except Mike) began to indulge, the customer asked Mike why he wasn’t eating the cookies… so, under pressure from the client and (perhaps slightly less disciplined?) colleague Clifford Perlman, Mike succumbed and ate a cookie.

As Jay Shields reported from the scene, “Desperate times called for desperate measures!”


Aptos EMEA West Bromwich Launches First Umph Event!

As part of the Umph team initiative inWest Bromwich, the team set up their first-ever Umph event: a company meal at the local Nando’s restaurant (home of the  legendary, Portuguese flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken, among other ddleicacies).

To  support the event, our very own chicken (Ryan Mather) and Peri Peri spice (Peri Thompson)  appeared in Providence Place to drum up attendance for the event!

Jemaine Kerara reports to Trending that it was a big success. Said jemaine, “An eggcelent day all around, and it was great to to see our PP colleagues there!”

Halloween at Aptos 2017: A Frightfully Good Time!

Earlier this week, Newburgh colleagues Lisa Rogers and Elizabeth Lara paused for the camera to share a smile and show off their Halloween costumes. We love how they really got into the spirit of the day!

Well done, you two!    ;^)