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Colleagues and Clients Get (Photo) Bombed in Miami!

Earlier this week, colleagues Jane Webb and Nicole Cunningham met with executives from long-time client partner The Art of Shaving. While in Miami, Nicole (left) and Jane (second from right) joined Anne Wiseman and Ralph Niebles for dinner. And as you can see here, they all got (photo) bombed in the most awesome way!

Here’s hoping the meetings went as well as dinner!

Aspire 2018: Saying Thanks for a Great Event

Aptos Events Manager Karen Robson is a master at producing high-caliber, high-impact events, and every year she takes her skills to another level producing Aspire, our annual President’s Club trip. And while she takes great pride in her work, she doesn’t necessarily love being the center of attention, as evidenced by this photo from the closing party during this year’s trip. Pictured here we see Noel Goggin, our CEO and Culture Leader, saying thanks to a very shy Karen for all her work producing another amazing Aspire.

Well done, as always, Karen!

Aspire 2018: Sharing a Smile on the Sand

Aptos CEO and Culture Leader Noel Goggin (right) shares a smile with colleague Jane Webb (center) and Kerry Ludmer, husband of Aptos colleague Tara Ludmer, during the opening reception at Aspire, our annual President’s Club trip. The trip was hosted on the beach in Costa Rica, and this party was hosted on the beach on the beautiful Four Seasons property.

Looks like a great time with lots of bonding!

Aspire 2018: Striking a Pose in their New Maui Jims

As they entered the opening reception of Aspire 2018 all attendees were offered their choice of new Maui Jim sunglasses to help them as they prepared to spend the next few days in the bright Costa Rica sunshine. Pictured here are Arianna Marks (left) and Trish Diamond, trying on their new stunglasses – and looking very stylish while doing so!

Hope they kept you feeling cool for the entire trip, Arianna and Trish!

Road Warriors: Debriefing After an Important Meeting with Margaritas and…Worm Salt?

Colleagues Ivan Fernandez, Brando Garcia, Jay Shields and Ayla Griggs spent a few days in Mexico City this week. Last night, they met to recap the meetings and plan next steps. While there, Jay (left) and Ayla enjoyed a couple margaritas which, they tell us, were delicious. They also told us that after the drinks had been enjoyed Brando and Ivan informed them that their glasses were lined with “Sal de Gusano.”

Made from dried peppers, sea salt and, yes, dried Mezcal worms, Sal du Gusano adds a distinctly Oaxacan flavor to mezcal-based cocktails.

“When in Rome,” ladies, amirite?

Aspire 2018 Kicks Off with an Celebratory Evening on the Beach

This year’s Aspire – Aptos’ President’s Club trip – was hosted in beautiful Costa Rica. The day the arrived at the beautiful Four Seasons property, Aptos hosted a welcome reception on the beach to honor the top sales performers of the year. And as you can see by this photo, it was an absolutely beautiful event.

What a great way to start this important trip!

The Aptos Way: Colleagues Team Up to Battle for Table Tennis Glory

Marlow, England-based colleagues Thomas Johnson (left) and Jason Swannell (second from left) recently teamed up to compete in the Marlow International Inter-company Table Tennis Tournament. Together, they made it all the way to the tournament finals. Supporters from both Aptos and Dunn and Bradstreet came along to cheer their colleagues.

As colleague Kate Hill reports, “The atmosphere was electric, and we saw some spectacular moves! Sadly we lost 2-1 on games, but well done Jason and TJ for making it to the final!”

Well done, indeed!

Road Warriors: POS, CRM, and Ham and Cheese Rolls for Breakfast

As Aptos continues to expand our global footprint, colleagues experience new cultures and traditions on a regular basis. Today, Texas-based colleague Jay Shields shared a few photos from a meeting in Mexico City, including this photo of Ham and Cheese rolls that colleagues Ivan Fernandez and Brando Garcia brought to share during the meeting.

We didn’t really think Ham and Cheese Rolls seemed all that unusual, until Jay explained that they were served for breakfast…

So the editors of Trending learned something new about Mexican culture today…and we are suddenly hungry for lunch!

Engaging Differently: Going the Extra Mile in Mexico City

Colleagues Ivan Fernandez  (left)  and Brando Garcia were on site at a retailer in Mexico City yesterday, and as you can see buy this photo, they went “above” and beyond to ensure our message got through. Here they are pictured hanging a poster to help articulate how our store solutions work together to create seamless shopping experiences.

Way to raise your game, guys!!!

Demo Prep with a View

Everyone on our sales team will tell you that most days, demo prep is a grind. Long days spent in cramped, stuffy hotel conference rooms stocked with bottled water and cold pizza are far and away the norm. But every once in a while, there is an exception. Like today in Mexico City, where colleagues Jay Shields (left) and Ayla Griggs managed to “suffer through” an afternoon of demo prep with a view from the balcony of their hotel.

We can only hope the actual demo goes as well as the demo prep, you two – no pressure!!!   ;^)