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Engage 2018: Assortments to Win the Shopper

According to Aptos Solution Consultant Cheryl Beinetti, by 2021, 70% of tier-1 multichannel retailers will have implemented advance retail assortment management applications.

Following our partnership with TXT Retail, we’re able to help our customers manage their assortments so that they can offer shoppers the personalization and enhanced retail experience they expect. During this session, Cheryl showcased successful assortment management initiatives with Sephora, Urban Outfitters, Adidas and more. In working with Aptos, these businesses became more customer focused, attribute based and flexible with greater platform collaboration.

Engage 2018: Changing How We See Customers with Aptos CRM

Aptos CRM can truly transform how brands evaluate their business and make decisions. This was clearer than ever in today’s session: “Taking a Walk in Your Customer’s Shoes: How Caleres Leverages Customer Data for Personalized Brand Experiences”

During the session, Brandon Robertson, Marketing Database Specialist at Caleres, highlighted the capabilities of the Aptos CRM platform when it comes to organizing and observing customer data. Using the platform, Caleres is able to segment customers, track customer interactions, evaluate targeted marketing campaigns and report more effectively and efficiently, allowing the brand to make more informed business decisions.

Engage 2018: Show Me the rueBUCK$

Money talks – that’s why rue21 utilized Aptos CRM to revamp and digitize their rueBUCK$ bounceback program. In doing so, they were able to increase customer data aggregation and enhance the rueBUCK$ experience.

Looking back, the rue21 team noted some valuable lessons including that strategic internal change management was essential, developing multifunctional teams was a must and email capture was critical.

Engage 2018: Three Principles with Seth Brody

This morning, Seth Brody, Partner and Global Head of the Apax Partners Operational Excellence Practice, shared three philosophical principles from his team over the past 10 years of driving digital transformation:

  1. Eat Pizza
    • Don’t eat one slice at a time – go all in by being willing to change historical business practices and change the culture.
  2. Hit Singles & Doubles
    • Big stuff is hard, small stuff is easier (and sometimes more valuable)
    • Conceiver. Test. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.
  3. Multiplication Through Division
    • Reporting is about answer the first questions. Analytics is about ‘peeling the…

Engage 2018: Networking and Drinks!

The Vitamin Shoppe team connecting after an exciting day! Pictured: Scott Devlin and Mike Provost

Engage 2018: Networking and Drinks!

Talking shop over some drinks! Pictured: Christine Girodroux and Joey Flores

Engage 2018: Networking and Drinks!

Catching up with the Haggar Clothing team after day two of Engage 2018! Pictured: Carol Morrow, Jennifer Stephens, Emily Fisher, Janliz Suarez and Gracie Buentello.

Engage 2018: Networking and Drinks!

Another great day of sessions at Engage 2018! We are so honored to have so many of our partners, like Avalara, join us this week! Pictured: Bob Holt and Debbie Leaver.

Engage 2018: Networking and Drinks!

Catching up with the eagle eye team at last night’s networking reception! Pictured: Sean Keith and Anthony Stevenson.

Engage 2018: Networking and Drinks!

It’s all smiles at this table! Pictured: Dave Murphy, Tom Noon and Brad Tracy.