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Global SKO: The Rise of ONE Continues

Aptos VP of Innovation Nikki Baird took the stage to talk about all the 2019 successes of Aptos ONE as well as the big plans ahead for 2020.

Global SKO: Order Management Continues to Grow

Vikas Aron took the stage today to update SKO attendees on the latest successes in our Order Management solution, including the new capabilities to enrich the customer journey, no matter when, where or how people shop.

Global SKO: Merchandise Lifecycle Solutions Continue to Evolve

Colleagues Nick Leeper (l) and Dave Sheekey (r) took the stage at SKO today to outline the rapid pace of innovation helping shape the entire suite of Merchandise Lifecycle solutions, from Merchandise Planning to Assortment Planning to PLM and everything in between.

Global SKO: Opening New Markets: Chile

Aptos CEO Noel Goggin shares stories of success at La Polar, our first client in Chile, as we continue to extend our reach into Latin America. Noel extended congratulations to our entire Latin American team, including Ivan Fernandez and Carreen Manhey, who played pivotal roles in our success in Santiago.

Global SKO: Friends Reunite

Every year, SKO presents a great opportunity for colleagues that live and travel all around the globe all year to reunite and catch up. Pictured here are Tara Ludmer (l) and Trish Diamond (r), two lifelong friends with a great history as friends and colleagues at Aptos (and predecessor companies), as they share a drink and a smile at the annual Awards Dinner and Gala.

Global SKO: Success Stories from the Field

Aptos COO Steve Towe took the stage at SKO today to shore stories of client successes from around the globe, including British retailer EE and German retailer Esprit.

Global SKO: And So it Begins

Aptos CEO Noel Goggin kicked off our FY 2020 Global Sales Kick-Off conference with his opening keynote address.

As we enter FY 2020 with great momentum, Noel encouraged the hundreds of colleagues and partners gathered here in Atlanta to work together and capitalize on the great opportunities that lie before us.

Batter Up! Aptos Implementation Gets Rolling in Seattle

A new POS project kicked off with the Seattle Mariners this week, and to celebrate, the team hosted the project team for a game in a luxury suite! The entire team is excited to get the project underway, and what more fitting way to do so than at the ballpark?

Colleagues from both Aptos and the Mariners project team are pictured in the larger photo, while several members also posed for the selfie. Included in the selfie are Aptos colleagues Diana Benitez, Martin Dube and Steve Kunzweiler.

Here’s hoping we hit a home run together!

Success is in Sight at Marcolin

Another merchandise planning project was successfully launched this week, as Italian Eyewear brand Marcolin went live with our solutions in their headquarters in beautiful Longarone, Italy.

The project team is very proud of their accomplishments, and they celebrated with a Spritz, a popular Italian Apertivo. Technically, they called the drink an AperiMORE, as MORE is the name of the project at Maroclin.

The team includes colleagues Felipe Caicedo, Alberto Repetti and Fabrizio Frattini and those pictured (from left to right) Enrico Doni, Giovanni Cutugno, Sara Magnani, and Paolo Pedraglio.

Congratulations to the entire team on a…

Meeting with Executives at Mexico’s Largest Retail Association

Aptos is participating in the  Encuentro de Negocios Grupo ACE event, an annual gathering of retail industry executives from across Mexico. Grupo ACE is the largest retail association in Mexico, and Aptos’ Dulce Guzman represented the company at this important event. Dulce is pictured here, at left, with Janet Guzman of Aptos partner Net Logistik.

We hear it was a very successful event – well done Dulce and Janet!