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A Global Meeting of the Minds in Milan!

As we mentioned in a previous post here at Trending, product development experts from Aptos and TXT Retail gathered in Milan this week to discuss integration strategy. Helen Kostis sent us this second photo from the same bar outside the Duomo in Milan, and we realized how truly global the company has become. The colleagues gathered here come from cities in four countries: Montreal, Atlanta, London, Milan and Bari.

Hope the meetings went well everyone, and Salud!

The Aptos Way: Coming Together with TXT Retail in Milan

Product integration teams from Aptos traveled to Milan to meet with their counterparts at TXT Retail. While in town, the combined team shared rinks in the piazza just outside the beautiful and famous Duomo in downtown Milan, seen in the background.

By the looks of things, if product integration goes as well as people integration, we should have great success bringing our solutions together!

Special thanks to Mike Verdeyen for snapping and submitting the great pic!

Aptos CMO’s Tweet Hits the Big (and We Do Mean BIG) Time!

Aptos CMO Nicole Crowe went to see the Atlanta United soccer team play in their brand-new home – Mercedes Benz Stadium – in downtown Atlanta. While there, Nicole tweeted out her support for the team, which eventually made it to the stadium’s video board. Yes, THAT video board: the 58-foot tall, 1,000-foot long video halo board that covers 63,000 square feet – the largest video board in US sports.

We don’t want to exaggerate how excited she was to make the board, but she told Now Trending that she felt like a rock star when she saw her tweet in…

First Day of School in Bercy!!!!

On Tuesday, the doors opened for the first time at the Lifesong Christian School in Bercy, Haiti. For almost two years, Aptos has partnered with RetailROI to support the work of Lifesong for Orphans in Bercy, and we are so happy to report that the progress the people of Bercy are making is incredible.

We are so proud and excited for all these kids as they begin a new school year, supported by well-trained teachers, a computer lab with internet access, and educational materials.

Congratulations to the entire Lifesong team, and good luck kids!

Aptos Cares: First Responder Readies to Help After Irma

Aptos colleague Victoria Moore has her car packed and ready to head to Florida as soon as hurricane Irma passes through.  Victoria lives in Atlanta, is a Certified Emergency Response Team Lead – a designated first responder – and is trained in search and rescue.  She has been called up and asked to prepare her tools to head to Florida after Irma.

She is packed with food and water for 2 people for 10 days, along with tools, boots, gloves, clothing, linens and emergency equipment.

Well done, Victoria, and good luck next week.

Bean Bags and BBQ: Newburgh Colleague Cookout 2017

This week, our Newburgh office hosted their annual summer collage cookout, complete with lots of food, fun, and a rousing game or two of bean bag toss.

By all accounts, a good time – and good food – was had by all!

Thanks, as always Paul Gapay, for the great pics!

Solutions Consulting Team Welcomes Two New Colleagues!

As Aptos continues to grow, it becomes more and more important for us to recruit colleagues to help take our solution portfolio to market, particularly within our Solutions Consulting team. We recently added two new members to that team, and they were on the road together last week..

Please welcome Jordan Murphy and Matt Alberts to the team.  Jordan is pictured here in the center of the back row, with Chris Maragoudakis on the left and Jay Shields on the right, while Matt is on the left in the front row, seated next to Jared Snelson.

Aptos & TXT Retail Coming Together: Team Building and Cross-Training in Atlanta

Aptos Solutions Consultant Sid Suss, pictured here (teaching with both his mouth and his hands!), spends time talking Aptos solutions with several people from TXT Retail as the teams begin the cross-training process to ensure that we are all ready to hit the ground running when the highly anticipated transaction closes in the next few weeks.

We can’t wait until it’s official – the potential of the combination already has colleagues from both companies “chomping at the bit” to bring the newly combined company to market!

Aptos Colleagues Stand Strong with LifeSong in Bercy, Haiti, as Irma Bears Down

It has been tense times for our friends in Bercy, Haiti, as they prepare for Hurricane Irma. Rebecca Hochlowski, a veteran of multiple RetailROI trips to Bercy, wore her LifeSong tee yesterday to show her support for Mike and Amy Rivas of Lifesong and the entire Bercy community.

Bercy is projected to be spared the worst of the winds, but the rain will be problematic for many in the surrounding villages. Mike and Amy have opened up their community to any and all in need. All of us at Aptos are hoping for the best for everyone in Bercy.


Aptos UK Summer BBQ Brings Colleagues Together for Fun, Sun and Goggins

Last week, our UK colleagues spent an afternoon together for the first annual Aptos UK Summer Barbeque. The event was held at the very glamorous Studely Sports Centre in the Midlands, attended by all from our Marlow and West Bromwich offices. Penalty Shoot-outs, Basketball and Softball were played and they all ate lots of BBQ food. “Goggins “(a new form of currency, pictured here with several colleagues enjoying the event) were used to pay for drinks at the bar (they were handed out to everyone at the start of the afternoon and extra were awarded throughout the afternoon for ‘excellence’.…