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Unique Perspectives from Unique Voices

Retail is rapidly changing all across the globe, but perhaps no more so than it is in Europe and the UK. Staying ahead of shifting markets and consumers requires input and insights from many sources.

On these pages, we will bring you a collection of perspectives on current and future issues facing European retail, from a variety of European retail experts. Be sure to check back often for new opinions, new insights and new perspectives from an ever-changing roster of European Retail Voices.

The Future of Retail. Part Three: The New Victorians

The demand for a more sustainable economy means the shift towards localism is already irreversible. As local produce strips naked to claim zero waste status, the imported stuff will diplomatically follow suit.

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Mobile - The Post-Pandemic Digital Bridge

Adapting to consumers’ pandemic-induced digital demand requires a mobile-first approach to the physical store. 

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The Future of Retail. Part Two: The Retail Ride

Instead of waiting for conventional retailers to fill the holes left by the pandemic, our city centres will become playgrounds for all sorts of brands. Money spent on conventional advertising will be redirected towards more immersive, living advertisements for products and services. As our cities reboot, slowly but surely the age of the ‘retail ride’ will emerge.

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Meet your customers' needs in any channel

Now that so many retailers operate across digital and physical channels, what does it take to stand out to your customers and help you make the most of every sales opportunity?

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The Value of Knowing Your Customer

Digital has become a way to not only recognise your most valued customers, but to also run your business better.

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The Future of Retail. Part One: The Reboot Link

Looking back it was obvious really. Ridiculous rents and rates marching onwards and upwards meant eventually something had to give. Yes folks, the retail reboot is here.

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