Retail Cloud

Living in the Cloud

Motion. Speed. Change. They’ve become omni-present forces that define and propel our lives. And whatever we do and wherever we go, we want our devices to keep up. We expect to stay connected, continuously and fluidly, to the information and people we depend on.

We want support for our decisions and the freedom to collaborate anywhere at any time, at work and through social networks, on countless apps and devices that are always up to date. But we don’t want to be limited by those devices: We want to be able to store, access and share limitless amounts of data with just a click.

And since the digital world is now fully embedded within the “real” world, we don’t want or expect to have to worry about the technology that makes any of that happen; we just want to leverage the value it delivers to enhance our productivity, capabilities and quality of life.

If all of this is undeniably true for you and your customers, why should it be any less true for your retail business?

It shouldn’t be. And with the Aptos Cloud, it doesn’t need to be.

Embracing and shaping change

Traditionally, managing your retail enterprise meant managing a ton of on-site technology—and all the staff and costs, and risks that went with it. Today, top retailers are choosing to let dedicated retail IT professionals handle all of that through the Cloud, so they can focus on growing their business instead of running their IT. And the best of the best are choosing the Aptos Retail Cloud, for proven advantages that go above and beyond:

-The industry’s most advanced end-to-end suite.
-“Big retail” IT for all retailers.
-A faultless delivery record.
-Live within 6 months.

At Aptos, our goal is your success. We’ve listened to your input and engineered our solutions accordingly. Our Cloud offerings are flexible and can be tailored to meet your unique business needs:

-Fully managed, end-to-end “big retail” IT for any retailer.
-All-inclusive subscription service.
-Pre-configured solutions based on proven best practices.
-Delivery, management, and support of all infrastructure and applications.

-Professional operation and support of your licensed solutions.
-Hosting your licensed software.
-Customized to address your unique business needs.
-Delivery, management, and support of infrastructure and applications.

As a pioneer in retail SaaS, we’ve developed a comprehensive and robust singular commerce Cloud platform and influenced the delivery of advanced retail solutions in step with change across the industry itself: With the expectations of your customers for seamless service across your enterprise; with the needs of your business for more powerful, flexible, efficient and universally accessible resources; and with the findings of leading analysts who see the demand and potential of Cloud retailing rising on a sweeping uphill climb.

“The hybrid cloud market is estimated to grow from $25 billion in 2014 to $85 billion in 2019, at a compound annual growth rate of 27%.”

– marketsandmarkets

A fundamental transformation

Those findings pale when compared with the number of retailers who are turning to the Aptos Cloud. Based on recent year-over-year performance, those numbers are increasing by more than 400% annually—and they show no signs of slowing down.

It’s explosive growth, and it’s more than a short-term trend: It signals a fundamental transformation in the way retail technology is and will be delivered—as fundamental and powerful as omni-channel and customer centricity have been in shaping how retailing is now practiced.

“Aptos… is one of the few solution providers in the mid-market and lower upper tier retail that seems to be poised well to address mid-market retail’s penchant for business and IT transformation.”

– Sahir Anand, EKN Research

New Balance leverages the Aptos Cloud to run retail like “the Big Boys”

The competitive choice

Some of the drivers behind this transformation are familiar. Cloud delivery lets you predictably manage costs by shifting cap-ex to op-ex. It greatly reduces on-site IT infrastructure and the resources needed to maintain it. It enables you to focus on running your business instead of your IT, leaving that job and all its attendant risks and responsibilities to the Cloud provider. With Aptos, those are the experts who know your solutions best: the same professionals who designed them.

“Since moving to the Aptos cloud, The Art of Shaving has grown its enterprise from 40 stores to 150 locations without needing to increase our IT staff headcount”

– Ralph Niebles, Vp of IT, The Art of Shaving

But there’s more to it than that. Cloud platforms are uniquely able to respond to and leverage the forces of motion, speed and change. Cloud solutions can be deployed faster, driving speed-to-market and value. They are extremely agile and can be easily extended to support new stores, channels and markets, whether local or global. They support best-in-class disaster recovery, business continuity and site replication. With centralized, automated updates they remain current. And they are now available to fully and reliably enable all retail operations, including the store.

“Charming Charlie recently took its first steps to making its POS fleet virtual. Charming Charlie launched its first pilot store in June, and within weeks the project delivered faster time-to-market and speed-to-value and flexibility.”

– RIS News, Leveraging the Cloud to Redefine the Omni-Channel Experience

In essence, Cloud deployments are both highly efficient and“future-proof.” They are superior enablers of profitability and drivers of growth—in ways that legacy on-premises solutions simply can’t match.

The choice remains yours but, increasingly, it’s a choice between retail’s past and future. And since the Cloud advantage is crystal clear, so too should be your decision to at least learn more about what it can really mean for your customers, your business, and for you.