Singular Commerce, Seamless Experiences

Disconnection. You encounter it all the time, and it’s maddening every time. Whether you’re trying to call a business through endless voice menus, driving to a new destination in a maze of one-way streets, or preparing your taxes while searching for countless forms, being stalled or forced away from your task at hand is an exercise in frustration.

It’s bad enough with things you need to do, but it can be even worse with things you may actually want to do. Like shopping. The excitement you feel when finding the perfect shirt, those awesome shoes or that ‘must-have’ home accessory turns very quickly into disappointment if you have to struggle with confusing or fractured processes or a retailer’s self-serving rules. And that difference—between the pleasure you expect and the pain the brand delivers—will quickly make the difference in your decision to buy or bail.

You can’t afford to be that kind of retailer. You can no longer expect your customers to wait while an associate disappears on a product search; to accept “should-be-here” delivery in two or three weeks; to wonder whether an item bought online can be picked-up, exchanged or returned in store; or to shop with you exclusively on your terms, not theirs. From your customers’ point of view, better options are just a walk or click away.

Insight through Integration

Aptos will never put you or your customers in that position. Our Singular Commerce Platform and end-to-end Cloud solutions integrate every part of your enterprise to enable truly seamless customer experiences—no matter where, when or how your customers shop.

With Aptos, Store and Digital Commerce share logic. They speak continuously and fluidly with order management, merchandising and CRM. Orders, offers and rewards are managed as unified processes, no matter where they originate or how they are applied. Sales Audit centralizes and validates all transaction data. And Analytics let you leverage data, enterprise wide, for actionable insights and tighter control.



Aptos helps The Art of Shaving deliver seamless experiences in every channel


The Power of One

By eliminating disconnected, channel-specific systems and siloed information, Aptos’ Singular Commerce Platform leverages the “Power of One” to optimize your operations. It enables you to see and manage:

  • One Customer: Consolidated, current, 360-degree profiles and personalized, consistent and profitable offers in every touchpoint that motivate purchases and reward loyalty.
  • One Interaction: Integrated journeys where every shopper is recognized empowered and rewarded at every touchpoint.
  • One Order: Enterprise inventory visibility fuels centralized management of every order in every channel.
  • One Product: Integrated merchandising and planning processes that bring your unique brand vision to life in every channel.
  • One Truth: Ensuring that every retail system is supported by validated, accurate, consistent and timely data from every corner of the enterprise
  • One View of the Enterprise: Role-based, actionable analytics that identify the right action at the right time for strategic decisions.



True Religion discusses leveraging Aptos to help them transform the retail experience


One Enterprise, One Result: Continual Success

What does that all mean?

For your customers, it means they can choose to follow any path to purchase, or any path back, without detours, interruptions or uncertainty—and with support at every step. It means they will enjoy truly seamless experiences through every engagement and interaction with your brand, and “yes-you-can” answers to virtually any transaction and order request.

And for your business, it means you will run your entire omni-channel enterprise as one enterprise and benefit from efficient end-to-end operations that are richly informed, easier to manage, and continually more effective in driving your success.