Social Responsibility as KPI

Social Responsibility: A Business Commitment from a Broader Point of View

As a business leader in retail, you are responsible for directing and managing your company to ensure it remains stable, profitable and able to grow. It’s no different for us: We focus our efforts first and foremost on the success of our clients, but the intended result of those efforts is to build a durable, thriving organization that continually benefits our stakeholders.

Those stakeholders, however, include more than just our customers, owners, executives and employees. They also include their families all the other people who receive and share the benefits of what we produce.

From this broader perspective, our business is not just a generator of profit but also part of a larger community and an agent of growth. As such, we have a responsibility to support not only those for whom it provides the privileges and rewards of good work, but also those who deserve and aspire to have the same kinds of opportunities. We are especially motivated to help children in difficult circumstances who could never access those opportunities without basic foundational resources such as education and secure home environments.


For these reasons, Aptos is proud to have joined with dozens of other retail industry companies to actively support RetailROI—the Retail Orphan Initiative.

RetailROI is a registered charity supported by close to fifty leading retail technology suppliers, consultants and media organizations, as well as countless individuals who contribute to their fundraising initiatives. Its mission is to provide real solutions for vulnerable children worldwide by raising awareness; by building a sponsor and funding network among retailers, vendors and manufacturers; and by channeling resources to proven, local organizations delivering frontline support directly to those in need.

Since its inception in 2008, RetailROI has raised more than tens of millions of dollars for a diverse range of projects in 17 countries around the world. These include programs to educate and empower girls in Liberia; to acquire cattle for farming in rural Congo; to provide education for orphans in Honduras; to combat child trafficking in Nepal and India; to establish computer labs for schools in many locations; and to deliver support and resources for foster families in the US. More than 90% of the funds raised go directly to the programs they are intended to support.

Join us!

In addition to organizing and sponsoring fundraising activities at the annual NRF trade show in New York and other venues, Aptos encourages its employees and partners to become actively involved. Several Aptos professionals have travelled with RetailROI to participate directly in projects overseas (all at their own expense). We are also producing a podcast series, called The Commerce of Caring, that profiles RetailROI projects and the great people who make them work.

For Aptos, exercising social responsibility in these ways is a gratifying commitment and a source of pride. It’s about reaching out beyond our walls to contribute to something larger than the immediate needs of our own enterprise. It’s the right thing to do.

We are grateful for the opportunities that RetailROI has given us to contribute to causes we believe in, and to expand our role within the larger global community. We encourage you to learn more about how your organization can also get involved.

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