It all depends on data.

Your grocery or pharmacy business occupies a distinctive position in our diverse retail world. Unlike in other verticals, where turns and seasons may be measured in months, best before dates can drive cycles in days. Weight-based pricing, the need to manage thousands of different products, special security issues and huge transaction volumes are among the many other characteristics that set you apart.

But one thing you have in common with other retailers is the challenge of processing vast amounts of transaction data from multiple points of sale, eliminating errors, and channeling it efficiently to your head office systems to ensure one version of the truth and correct decisions across your enterprise.

Aptos Sales Audit

Effective data management is why leading grocery and pharmacy businesses turn to Aptos Sales Audit. This centralized transaction processor consolidates and validates data in one location and to one standard—faultless—then maps it consistently to your enterprise applications. It enables cash auditing via media reconciliation, rich performance analyses, discount and coupon tracking and highly flexible reporting. Scalable to any size chain with any volume of transactions, Aptos Sales Audit can improve your productivity substantially while dramatically reducing costs.

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