Your jewelry makes a stunning first impression. Your service creates a lasting relationship.

Conventional wisdom says all that glitters is not gold. We expect you may beg to differ. Because in spite of growing competition and tighter margins, jewelry retailers who focus not just on their products but on their customers’ pride and esteem, and who build ongoing opportunities by cultivating long-term customer relationships, can drive profit and growth with every interaction and every sale.

At Aptos, we couldn’t agree more. As a leading solutions provider to some of the top retail jewelry brands, we know that conventional wisdom and a conventional approach just lead to conventional results. And we, like you, demand more.

Thats why, in addition to empowering you to manage merchandise efficiently throughout your enterprise, we equip you to deliver seamless, superlative customer experiences in every channel and at every touchpoint, and to relate to your customers as the gems they truly are.


From planning and merchandising to engaging customers in every channel and optimizing data and operations, Aptos equips you to run your retail business more efficiently, responsively and profitably. Learn more about our solutions, services, and results.

CRM and Clienteling

Get close to every shopper: Learn who they are, what they want and how they shop with the power of one customer.


See, understand and respond correctly to everything that’s happening across your business with the power of one view.

Audit & Operations Management

Optimize data accuracy, consistency and flows to enrich every system and decision-maker with the power of one truth.