Merchandise Lifecycle Management

Plan, Design, Create,
Buy, Deliver
One solution to plan, design, create and deliver your collections

It takes a team to build compelling, customer-focused collections. That’s why we designed Aptos Merchandise Lifecycle Management to support your entire Merchandising team: buyers, planners and product managers, as well as your sourcing, supply chain and finance personnel. This powerful retail solution enables you to align strategy with execution, deliver a strong brand message to your target customers, go faster through the merchandise lifecycle, deliver optimized assortments, and ensure that consumer demand is met across channels.

The Aptos Merchandise Lifecycle Management Solution

Merchandise Financial Planning
Assortment Planning and Buying
Product Lifecycle Management
Forecasting, Allocation and Replenishment
Supply Chain Management

From concept to shelf, Aptos Merchandise Lifecycle Management includes five industry-leading modules that optimize all your critical planning and merchandising functions:

  • Merchandise Financial Planning
  • Assortment Planning and Buying
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Forecasting, Allocation and Replenishment
  • Supply Chain Collaboration

Individually or working together, these modules allow you to leverage one comprehensive solution to plan, design, create, buy and deliver your collections for superior results.

End-to-End Merchandise Lifecycle Management

Aptos Merchandise Lifecycle Management features a unified database that informs and manages all of the end-to-end merchandising processes. All these processes can be configured and controlled through user-friendly interfaces that enhance productivity. Our solution equips you to leverage both the art and science of merchandising, including mobility where appropriate, throughout the entire collection lifecycle. Aptos Merchandise Lifecycle Management helps you drive your critical business processes with industry best practices, and, thanks to its flexible configuration, easily adapts to change as your organization evolves to meet the ever-increasing demands of your customers.

Industry-leading technology

Aptos Merchandise Lifecycle Management is the product of innovative design and technology from the top practitioners in this field. It incorporates familiar, Excel-based user interfaces, powerful optimizing algorithms, and advanced product visualization capabilities. The solution exploits the Microsoft Technology Stack plus proven software architectures, databases and middleware—ensuring a cohesive, flexible environment and low total cost of ownership.

Agile deployment methodology

Our AgileFit deployment methodology provides a disciplined approach for our projects, based on industry best practices, for rapid implementation and accelerated ROI. Complete documentation and support further help to ensure the success of your project with an exact fit to meet your specific operation and needs.

Interactive eBookThriving in the Era of the Empowered ShopperThriving in the Era of the Empowered Shopper

Discover how optimizing merchandise lifecycle management will help you keep pace with constantly shifting shopper trends.

Over 300 international customers

The Aptos Merchandise Lifecycle Management solution serves hundreds of leading retailers worldwide, who are able to optimize critical processes and enhance decision making throughout their stores, web, catalogue, wholesale and franchise operations—locally and globally. We provide specialized process support for all types of brands, businesses and retail strategies.

The Power of One

Aptos Merchandise Lifecycle Management addresses the specific planning and merchandising functions most critical to your current needs.

When deployed in combination on our Singular Retail platform, the solution can help you achieve what has become today’s most important retail business goal and competitive differentiator: a fully unified enterprise that delivers the power of:

  • One product, based on full insight into what’s happening with and required of your merchandise throughout your chain, combined with the ability to respond correctly without delay.
  • One order, based on the ability to source merchandise from the locations that are most profitable to you and most pleasing to your customers, and to process orders quickly and efficiently through any desired routing.
  • One customer, based on a complete, detailed portrait of who she is and why and how she buys in every channel, plus the ability to support her richly and seamlessly through every shopping journey.

With truly integrated solutions and operations, Aptos Merchandise Lifecycle Management can enrich and improve the performance of your planners, buyers, allocators, distributors, inventory, customers, channels and all points of sale. As a result, you will be equipped to engage differently and more effectively from concept to customer—with a retail partner who engages you differently at every step.