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Analysts weigh in on Unified Commerce: A one-stop source for expert insights on the future of agile customer experiences

In recent years, “Unified Commerce” has reached buzzword status. To many people, the principles represented by Unified Commerce are very similar to the principles represented by “omnichannel,” another in a long line of industry buzzwords. To others, Unified Commerce is an evolution of omnichannel that represents the integral role that supply chain, operations and merchandising play in the customer experience. And to the rest, Unified Commerce has come to represent the technology and platforms designed to deliver truly unified experiences.

We partnered with Retail TouchPoints to create a report that covers three senior analysts' perspectives on Unified Commerce and what they believe retailers should be focused on to deliver cohesive customer experiences.

In the report, you’ll learn:

  • How to define unified commerce and why it’s different from omnichannel
  • 3 core capabilities and tech drivers industry experts say are key
  • 3 bonus tips for ensuring your unified commerce strategy is on the right track

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