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Store events: How they can increase traffic and conversions and foster deeper customer connections

With 80% of global retail revenues still being transacted inside brick-and-mortar stores, the evolving role of the store is perpetually among the hottest of topics in retail. Events – both inside the store and out – are one of the ways that store roles can expand to build brand, increase engagement and grow revenues.

This Aptos iPaper examines the current rise in store events, including the following:

  • The reasons why more and more retailers are investing in and/or experimenting with store events
  • The data behind the current rise in store events
  • Numerous examples of store events around the globe (both inside the store and out) as well as events funded by both big- and not-so-big budgets

Hopefully the insights and examples included in the iPaper will serve as inspiration for your as you evaluate you own events strategy.

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