If software is our bread & butter, then consider our services the jam.

We have no one-way relationships with clients. Every company we work with, we strive to have a genuine partnership. One of the ways we do that is through our professional services. You can tap into our retail wisdom and we’ll work directly with you to solve the problems at hand. This goes above and beyond having the right tools (which we do). This is about having the right team (which is us).

​​​​​​​So what can we accomplish together?

Service Suite

Aptos solutions are designed (and refined) to be effective and easy to use. That being said – the suite doesn’t manage itself. We want our clients to know that because, well, we want them to get the most out of it. The Aptos suite gives you powerful tools, but we understand that sometimes you’d rather a carpenter use them. We’re glad to support your retail operations with a complete range of professional services.



Implementation Services

Get up and running smoothly, professionally and quickly.


Solution Services

Leverage our expert resources to improve and extend yours.


Support Services

Resolve issues quickly for worry-free business operations.


Store Services

Complete store technology and services with 24/7 support.


Hardware Sales & Services

Worry-free procurement, deployment, maintenance and support.

Aptos Cloud

Through our collective experience in retail, we’ve seen a lot of changes in the retail world. The industry gradually adapts to new technology and the best innovations stick around. The Cloud is one of those game-changers. We utilize it to make you more efficient.

  • Flexible and tailored to your needs
  • Rapidly deployable (live within 6 months)
  • Helps future-proof your operations
  • Reduces on-site IT infrastructure
  • Managed by our IT professionals
  • More accessible across your business
  • Agile and scalable to new stores
  • Cuts down on support resources needed
  • Drives growth and profitability

When you use our Cloud services, you get to focus more on your business and less on IT needs. The reduction in infrastructure and required personnel saves money. Letting our professionals manage your support and technology saves time. There’s a lot you can do with those extra resources. Plus, when you work with our team, they know the Aptos software backwards and forwards. Your stores will always be in good hands, ready to act quickly and effectively.

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