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Our retail solutions empower your company to be more efficient. A singular commerce platform means that all of your retail functions live under one roof. There is no house divided with Aptos. You get fluid, integrated processes, from inventory management to the point-of-sale and beyond. With the powerful tools we have at every touchpoint in retail, both you and your customers will enjoy truly seamless experiences.

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Aptos Product Suite

How do we make retail better? It starts with thoughtfully engineered applications. We have a deep understanding of retail and set out to make it simpler and more productive. Dive into our software and see what Aptos can do.


Analytics icon Analytics
Audit & Operations Management icon Audit & Operations Management
CRM icon CRM
Digital Commerce icon Digital Commerce
Enterprise Order Management icon Enterprise Order Management
Forecasting Allocation and Replenishment icon Forecasting Allocation and Replenishment
Merchandise & Assortment Planning icon Merchandise & Assortment Planning
PLM & Supply Chain icon PLM & Supply Chain
Point Of Sale icon Point Of Sale
Price Optimization from Revionics icon Price Optimization from Revionics
We're not just a software company.

We take that whole “engaging customers differently” thing seriously. You can think of us as the Robin to your Batman; there whenever you need us. Check out the services we offer to help you maximize your retail potential.

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Industry Solutions

Part of being the best is working with the best. With Aptos, you’re not on an island talking to some software geeks. You’ll be working with people that have a real understanding of your industry and its specific needs.


Apparel icon Apparel
Cosmetics icon Cosmetics
Department Store icon Department Store
Footwear icon Footwear
Furniture icon Furniture
Grocery & Drug icon Grocery & Drug
Hard Goods icon Hard Goods
Hospitality icon Hospitality
Jewelry icon Jewelry
Manufacturing / Wholesale icon Manufacturing / Wholesale
Specialty icon Specialty
Sporting Goods icon Sporting Goods

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