Aptos CRM and Clienteling

The Power of One Customer

You know the challenges: fierce competition from other retailers and increasingly demanding consumers. Together, they make customer loyalty both imperative for your business and extremely difficult to achieve. Combined with an ever-growing list of retailers working harder than ever to lure your customers away, you need to work smarter than ever to retain them and build their value to your brand. And you also know the potential impact of one-to-one customer engagement on loyalty and revenues, but you haven’t found a solution that makes it easy.

Identify, Profile, Segment, Engage, Motivate, Reward

Aptos can help you put the Power of One to work in your brand. Aptos CRM combines a 360-degree view of your customer with powerful segmentation, loyalty, and campaign management tools. Together, they help you identify, profile, segment, engage, motivate and reward each customer by creating personalized, consistent customer experiences across channels that drive visits, sales, enhance loyalty and nurture campaign effectiveness.

245 Million Shoppers Can’t Be Wrong

Aptos’s long history in retail CRM spans 22 years, and our solutions power 175 retail brands that engage over 245M shoppers every day through our solutions. We help you build consolidated customer profiles that include what they buy, what they want and how they engage through multiple channels via increasingly complex paths to purchase. We then help you apply that knowledge to design, execute and manage personalized, relevant, and high-impact loyalty programs, marketing campaigns and real-time communications throughout the customer lifecycle.

The Inherent Power of Each

The power of Aptos’ solution lies in the inherent ability for every associate to know what each customer purchased, returned, viewed, visited, clicked and liked, in every channel and in very location. The power of Aptos CRM lies in rich analytics that uncover hidden gems about purchase behaviors and shopper tendencies that help merchants develop offers that capitalize on those tendencies to drive traffic, revenue and margin.

The power of Aptos CRM lies in your ability to know each customer as if they were your only customer.

Highlighted Customers

Mens Wearhouse
Urban Outfitters
Hibbett Sports
Thomas Pink
Brown Thomas