Audit and Operations Management

Aptos Audit and Operations Management

The Power of One Truth

Aptos Audit and Operations Management (AOM) consolidates accurate, complete and timely data that allows you to respond to current and future business activities based on an informed and actionable view of your business. By leveraging transaction data across an omni-channel enterprise, Aptos AOM validates information before it is sent to other systems and drives more accurate execution of enterprise operations.

Aptos AOM provides retailers with a seamless data integration tool that easily identifies where problems lie, powers exception-based auditing, offers formidable reporting and analytics and generates one version of the truth that can be shared with the entire enterprise. Aptos (AOM) efficiently processes transactional data from all channels and feeds audited, accurate data to the enterprise systems that depend on it.

Payment and Security are Priority #1

In addition, payments and security – top of mind issues with every retailer – are also top of mind at Aptos. We employ proven end-to-end encryption (E2EE) to ensure that your cardholders’ data is never directly identified at any point during its journey to and from the bank. With our PA-DSS certified Aptos Secure Data Manager (SDM), or FiPay from our partner AJB, data is fully encrypted on the PIN pad (using VeriFone VeriShield) with bank-owned ‘keys’. It is then securely communicated to the point of sale, transmitted directly to the bank for authorization, and re-encrypted before being returned to your POS.

Retailing in a Zero-Strike World: Learn more about Payment and Security

Control Breeds Confidence

With firm control over your transactions and resources, decision makers will have full confidence in the integrity of your data, an accurate picture of your activities, and the ability to make better business decisions.

Aptos AOM suite:

  • Supports all types of retailers in multiple countries, currencies, and languages
  • Integrates with a wide range of systems and devices
  • Incorporates powerful querying and reporting tools
  • Centralizes control and tracking of all vouchers (e.g. gift cards), layaways, and special orders
  • Centralizes sales tax tracking and reconciliation and provides full VAT support
  • Includes a powerful exception-based Loss Prevention (LP) application
  • Compiles comprehensive performance data for review and follow-up

Product Profile Aptos Sales Audit
Support the integrity of your retail operations by assessing and reviewing sales information for clear and accurate audits across your business. Aptos Sales Audit incorporates sales from different aspects of the business into one, unified view of the enterprise. Guided audits, accounting, store performance analysis, store operations security and customer liability, delivered within one integrated user interface, support effective, efficient and exception-drive audits.Learn More
Product Profile Aptos Loss Prevention
Aptos Loss Prevention addresses several of retail’s most troublesome issues: identifying fraud, reducing shrink, deterring theft and maintaining morale. With Aptos Loss Prevention, retailers can efficiently monitor patterns of activity and focus on the worst-case scenarios based on a standard set of KPIs and exception reporting to increase profitability. Aptos’ Loss Prevention tools include KPIs, dashboard and reports, investigation and case management. With Aptos solutions in hand, you’ll increase ROI, improve productivity and maximize resource effectiveness.Learn More
Product Profile Employee Productivity & Compensation
Track and reward employee performance fairly, correctly and automatically by leveraging the Aptos Employee Productivity and Compensation solution. Generate custom reports on comprehensive employee performance data to ensure those that are going above and beyond are justly compensated, and those that require improvement are receiving the attention they need.Learn More
Product Profile Aptos Voucher Management
Verify, activate and manage gift cards, gift certificates and merchandise credits against a central voucher database to prevent fraud and update balances in real-time to make it easy and rewarding for customers to use your store’s certificates. With Aptos, you’ll dramatically reduce fraudulent redemptions, reconciliation and transactions costs associated with voucher activity.Learn More

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