The addage applies to all areas of your retail business. But when your focus is rewarding and improving your front-line employees—the associates who are directly responsible for making sales and building strong customer relationships—accurately accounting for their performance is critical to success.

Aptos Employee Productivity and Compensation makes it easy. With EPC you can efficiently track and view reports on individuals who have earned rewards and those that need improvement, to foster a positive and constructive work environment and a culture of growth.

Case StudyBringing “Endless Aisle” to Store Associates’ Wrists Through Envy-Worthy WearablesBringing “Endless Aisle” to Store Associates’ Wrists Through Envy-Worthy Wearables

True Religion turned to Aptos and Formula 3 Group to develop a unique endless aisle solution: an Apple Watch®.

Fair and comprehensive performance profiles

EPC lets you customize your performance reports and isolate employee performance to more accurately track how each employee is progressing through their roles and tasks. You can easily oversee individual employee conversion rates, productivity by hour, and selling success to evaluate performance that deserves compensation and rewards.

Accurate and automatic rewards

Boost overall productivity and efficiency with automatic reward structures that correctly and fairly attribute incentives and compensation to employees that are going above and beyond. Accurate and comprehensive performance reporting gives you peace of mind knowing that your most trusted and involved personnel are being recognized for their true value to the team and your retail enterprise.

iPaperEngaging and Empowering the Modern WorkforceEngaging and Empowering the Modern Workforce

Tools and tips on forging store associate engagement and relationships.

Proven capabilities
  • Assess & reward performance automatically
  • Compile comprehensive performance data​​​​​​​
  • Create relevant employee profiles
  • Ensure accurate information
  • Customize reports

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