Gift cards can be a genuine delight to give and receive. They’re a personalized treat and a compliment to your brand—an affirmation of the good relationships you have established with your customers and, by extension, other people in their lives.

But they also present risks. While the cardholder looks forward to a new shopping opportunity, you face the obligation of meeting the expectations of both the buyer and the redeemer. If for any reason the user’s experience is undermined, so is your hard work, reputation and future opportunities with everyone involved. And if you can’t properly account for what’s legitimately been used, the “gift” is being given entirely at your expense.

Aptos Gift Card Management makes sure that doesn’t happen. It turns your card program into a profit program you can count on time and again to delight your customers and build your base.

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Offer and redeem gift cards with confidence

Aptos Gift Card Management connects Audit and Operations Management with your POS device or eCommerce site to provide verified, real-time authorization and redemption of vouchers and gift cards. It makes them a cinch to activate and apply with complete confidence.

With Aptos Gift Card Management, you’ll also avoid third-party provider costs by managing vouchers in-house and benefit from the security of knowing your data is protected, reconciliation costs are virtually eliminated, and transactional costs are greatly reduced.

Hassle-free validation and use

Aptos Gift Card Management gives you real-time updates of available balances for all the voucher documents your business uses, including gift cards, gift certificates and merchandise credits. Voucher activation at the time of purchase allows your customers to begin redeeming in any of your sales channels with no obstacles or further actions required.

Features such as open or predefined value voucher applications and voucher inventory administration allow you to quickly respond to gift card activations and integrate that data across the entire Aptos Audit solution for one view of voucher activity and how it fits into overall operations.​​​​​​​

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Prevent fraudulent redemption

Feel secure in your voucher programs with authorization requests that verify the document number, balance and status against the most current balance in the central voucher database. A shared customer liability database, full voucher management reporting and access to transaction history gives you the insight on cross-channel voucher activity to manage invalid or suspicious transactions and prevent fraud.

Leverage proven card management features

With Aptos Gift Card Management, you’ll benefit from:

  • Real-time validation
  • Voucher activation at time of purchase
  • Open or predefined value vouchers
  • Offline authorization tools
  • Shared customer liability database
  • Full reporting
  • Access to transaction history
  • Voucher inventory administration

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