One of retail’s perennial problems is identifying and deterring employee theft while keeping the store an employee-friendly workplace. Aptos Loss Prevention solves it. This proven solution acts as the extra set of eyes you need across your operations, so you can detect, deter and control fraud while building a culture of trust.

Aptos Loss Prevention analyzes a central database of store-level transactions to automatically detect patterns of fraudulent activity. It also provides highly effective case management and reporting tools, allowing retailers to manage all aspects of loss prevention within a productive and profitable enterprise operation.

Exception-based monitoring

With system- and user-defined exception reporting, retailers can easily see when abnormal events occur and are alerted when certain cases require greater attention. Along with numerous reporting options and flexible rule definition, you have the power to reduce shrink, increase overall company profitability, and foster fast and substantial ROI.

eBookSeven Steps to Overcoming the Shockingly High Costs of the Order Management LifecycleSeven Steps to Overcoming the Shockingly High Costs of the Order Management Lifecycle

Retailers surveyed by EKN report that it costs them, on average, eighteen cents of every dollar of every eCommerce and omni-channel order.

Automated fraud detection

Aptos Loss Prevention automatically detects patterns of fraud and procedural violations according to your business rules, and flags suspicious transaction activity so your personnel can respond. With automatic email notifications on suspicious actions and the accompanying investigation tools you need to manage the process, you are constantly aware of potentially detrimental activity and how to resolve it.

Prioritized issues

KPI-based reporting features improve the productivity of loss prevention analysts by allowing them to identify more cases, concentrate their efforts on the worst cases, and reduce the time and effort needed to develop cases of internal theft. By tapping into the rules and schedules set by your management teams, Aptos Loss Prevention powers highly accessible data that delivers actionable insights on which cases require the most attention, efficiently guiding management and business opportunities across your enterprise.

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The Aptos Singular Commerce platform elevates shopping experiences with cloud-based solutions.

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