In a business transaction, as in any conversation, isn’t it a pleasure to interact with someone who clearly “speaks your language”—a person who truly understands your interests, objectives and style? Doesn’t that make it so much easier to get to “yes”? You know it, and so do your customers.

Aptos Clienteling makes that happen for your benefit and theirs. Integrated with Aptos CRM, Clienteling is one of retail’s best-kept secrets for getting closer to your best customers. It enables you to deliver highly personalized service that makes your customers feel deeply valued, and transform it into richer relationships, better influence and more sales.

eBookManagers in The Mall: Store Managers Speak OutManagers in The Mall: Store Managers Speak Out

Summary of 50 in-person interviews with store managers in the Mall of America to uncover the omni-channel challenges facing stores today.

Accessible knowledge

Aptos Clienteling puts detailed customer information at your fingertips. Sales associates can leverage historical customer data to make compelling recommendations on new products and offers. They can easily see the “wardrobe view” of specific customers, understand their preferences, view their profiles and reference notes from previous visits.

Having this data at hand, your associates can focus on retention, reactivation, cross-selling and opportunity selling to keep your customers coming back more often, interest them in more items per visit and inspire them to spread the word. And when Clienteling is implemented with other Aptos solutions such as POS and Mobile POS, your customers’ experiences—and your advantages—are further enriched.

Automated engagement

Clienteling features a suite of powerful tools that use customer knowledge to automate marketing decisions, help sales associates make good decisions on the fly, and grow visits and conversions. They include:


  • Diary and Appointment Planning
  • Task Management
  • Event Management
  • Query and Notes
  • My Black Book customer list

These tools also activate tasks from each sales associate’s “little black book” to remind them to connect with a favorite customer when she hasn’t visited recently or to follow up with a customer about a recent purchase. The easier it is for your sales associates to personalize each engagement, the more satisfied and loyal your customers will become.

Digital resources

Aptos Clienteling also lets your associates leverage your customers’ interactions across channels. For example, they can access a customer’s online wish-list to provide better service in the store–converting a wish to a purchase. Store colleagues and/or personal shoppers can reach out directly to their key customers through templated SMS and emails. You can also keep head office informed about the impact of the personal touch by ensuring these communications are tracked within your single customer view.

White PaperFive Steps to a Better Class of ClientelingFive Steps to a Better Class of Clienteling

This whitepaper discusses the discipline of building closer relationship with your customers through proactive, personalized outreach.

Clear ROI

Aptos Clienteling provides full ROI information on the impact of personal shopper activities, such as the incremental revenue generated by appointments and completed tasks. And because the solution is integrated directly with Aptos CRM, it enriches their own packaged reporting to further enhance your retail operations.

Cloud intelligence

Much of the “magic” of Aptos Clienteling lies in our Cloud-based platform. It gives you fast, universal access to the real-time status of every customer, no matter when or where they shop, as well as quick implementation, fluid scalability, automatic updates and 100% reliability. Now you never have to wait for unresponsive, inefficient or lightly interfaced systems to know which products to recommend based on a shopper’s past purchases.

Let us demonstrate how Aptos Clienteling can help you leverage the true value of customer data and insight, to build richer, deeper and more profitable customer relationships.

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