We never talk anymore.

It’s a sure sign of trouble. You fall into habits. You take each other for granted. You stop making the effort to connect. It’s called neglect. And just as it impairs your personal relationships, it will damage the ones you have with your customers. It’s a costly mistake.

Fix it–with Aptos CRM. It lets you see, understand and respond to everything your customers do. It helps you show them you know and truly care about who they are and what they want, to keep them happy, engaged and loyal to your brand. Those kind of customers drive revenue to a degree that indifferent, “sometimes” shoppers never can. They can literally be the difference between loss and profit, failure and success.

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Comprehensive resources

Aptos CRM delivers an integrated suite of advanced tools that create and maintain personalized, mutually beneficial customer relationships, including:

  • Multi-Brand Customer Database
  • Campaign and Promotion Manager
  • Customer Reporting and Analytics
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Key Performance Indicators & Metrics
  • Loyalty and Rewards Manager
  • Detailed Customer Data
  • Contact Manager
  • Point of Sale CRM
  • Clienteling
  • Web Services
  • Marketing Management Services

These tools enable you to understand, analyze and segment your customers, and to use that information to design, execute and manage highly effective loyalty programs, marketing campaigns, engagement protocols and real-time communications to all your points of sale across channels.

Meaningful 360-degree insights

Aptos CRM combines activities from all channels into a single, cloud-based database that supports all users, retail structures, functions and brands, to give you a 360-degree view of each customer. A flexible retail data model and intuitive user interface lets authorized corporate employees or associates identify customers and look up their contact information, demographic profile, attributes and purchase history according to your rules. This ensures you can maximize CRM benefits and your control over how customer data is viewed and shared.

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Powerful marketing support

The intuitive Campaign and Promotion Manager wizard within Aptos CRM lets you set up campaigns and promotions, manage their execution and track results. To support these functions in all channels, CRM can interface to your POS, call center, kiosk, smartphone, tablet or e-commerce site.

With Aptos CRM, you can:

  • Leverage rich analytics to develop and support complex customer segmentation strategies
  • Create highly targeted lists from a robust query tool with a graphical flow chart interface
  • Highlight product affinity, customer loyalty and response to promotions
  • Define and track control groups to determine lift and investigate responders and non-responders
  • Create and manage multiple loyalty programs with real-time targeted communications via every selling and touch point
  • Create location-based marketing promotions that target shoppers as they cross-geo-fenced locations like stores, event centers and malls.
  • Reveal the hidden relationships between customer, product, store, web and social interactions
  • Track and increase lifetime ROI for every customer
Build loyalty, drive sales

Together, these features ensure you will fully understand your customers’ preferences, anticipate their needs, and engage and reward them with deeply personalized interactions in every shopping journey and at every phase of the customer life cycle, from marketing to digital and physical shopping to fulfillment.

Whether your organization is new to customer relationship management or a sophisticated advocate, Aptos CRM has the resources you need to deliver and profitably apply meaningful insights from your customer data, to keep your customers engaged with your brand and motivated to buy. It’s retail therapy that always pays off.