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The Power of One Brand

Shoppers now enthusiastically and relentlessly traverse retail brands via countless devices, channels, and locations to accommodate their needs and choices for each purchase journey. They expect to transition fluidly across touch points, and they will no longer tolerate inaccuracies, inconsistencies, confusion or delays.

To deliver seamless experiences you need a singular commerce platform that unifies channels and interactions, and enables you to recognize and respond to each shopper anywhere on their paths to purchase with informed, personalized support.

Aptos Digital Commerce is designed for singular commerce. It lets you engage and connect with your customers consistently no matter how they choose to interact – via web site, mobile device, Facebook, or call center – and instantly customize each customer’s experience to reflect their unique preferences and purchase history.

Aptos Digital Commerce includes a robust and highly flexible online store with highly responsive design that optimizes your sites and your customers’ experiences on a wide range of devices. Digital Commerce makes it easy for you to showcase your products, deliver compelling offers, access loyalty information, drive sales and provide superlative service. With Aptos Digital Commerce, you’re right there wherever your customers want you to be and fully prepared to capture more sales.

Digital Commerce also enables complete content management; search engine optimization; omni-channel logic and functions, including save-the-sale and order management; cross-channel promotions management; and a single view of your products, customers, and transactions.

In essence, this powerful suite provides everything you need to deliver a connected, consistent, and seamless experience to your customers online, on the go, as well as in your stores and through any other available selling channels. With Aptos Digital Commerce on your side, you’ll be able to engage, empower, and respond to each shopper anywhere along their path to purchase with informed, personalized interactions —driving conversions and increasing customer satisfaction.

These advantages are delivered through two versions of Digital Commerce tailored to the distinct preferences and practices of retailers in North America and Europe.

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