A solid foundation for the entire merchandise lifecycle

Merchandise financial and assortment plans represent the foundation upon which successful merchandise lifecycles are built. Inventory, markdown and profit targets must be established at the start of every planning cycle. Assortment plans must determine the ideal product ranges and price lines for each unique location, channel and customer segment. These plans, when developed with Aptos Merchandise Financial Planning and Aptos Assortment Planning, serve as guideposts for every decision about every item, category, location, channel and segment throughout the entire selling season.

With Aptos, every plan – at every level – serves the business throughout the entire merchandise lifecycle as Aptos Merchandise Financial Planning feeds Aptos Assortment Planning, and both of these are integrated with Aptos Forecasting, Allocation, Replenishment, PLM and Supply Chain Management capabilities. Our end-to-end Merchandise Lifecycle Management solution empowers you to plan, design, assort and deliver your collections for maximum profit.

The Aptos Merchandise Lifecycle Management Solution

Merchandise Financial Planning
Assortment Planning and Buying
Product Lifecycle Management
Forecasting, Allocation and Replenishment
Supply Chain Management
A powerful combination

Aptos Merchandise Financial Planning and Assortment Planning modules work together to create a powerful combination of planning tools designed to help you optimize every aspect of the planning process. Together, they provide end-to-end support of all your planning activities, ensuring tight alignment at every step, from carefully managed financial targets to highly relevant product lineups tailored to the nuances of each of your customer segments, markets, channels and locations.

Aptos Merchandise Financial Planning helps you manage the complete range of critical financial planning functions, from strategic planning and budgeting all the way to in-season plan adjustments.

Effective, complete support

Aptos Assortment Planning, a consistent leader on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Retail Assortment Management Applications, empowers your planners to optimize your entire assortments, from stores and clusters to customers and segments, throughout the entire item lifecycle.

Powerful, integrated planning modules drive higher profitability season after season.
Merchandise Financial Planning

Manage merchandise financial planning end-to-end, from strategic planning to planning by attributes, while keeping your financial plans and open-to-buy controls firmly in place to achieve your margin and inventory investment targets.

Assortment Planning

Perfectly align your offerings with your customers, markets, channels and locations by matching product attributes to customer segments, and creating localized collections based on customer tastes, financial requirements and space capacities.

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