How do you walk the fine line that connects your budgets, inventory and margins to your sales targets and best profit results? For many retailers, it’s already an exercise in high-wire business acrobatics. And when you add elements such as new channels, changing consumer behavior, expanding data and chain growth, crossing the financial gap between where you are and where you want to be can seem an impossible-to-manage high-stakes risk.

Aptos Merchandise Financial Planning brings the process back to earth and puts you in full control. It provides end-to-end support of all your merchandise financial planning activities, from strategic planning to planning by attributes to keeping your financial plans and open-to-buy controls firmly in place. And as the seasons progress, the integrated forecasting solution helps you easily simulate future conditions and to make course corrections that ensure you keep a firm handle on the achievement of margin and inventory investment targets.

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Discover how optimizing merchandise lifecycle management will help you keep pace with constantly shifting shopper trends.

Effective, complete support

Aptos Merchandise Financial Planning includes the tools you need you to handle a complete range of critical financial planning functions easily and effectively.

Strategic planning and budgeting lets you view future growth possibilities from any angle, by brand or channel, individually or in any combination. You can create a unified starting point for the entire planning cycle and test assumptions using intelligent calculation engines.

Open to buy / WSSI enhances business control while giving you the flexibility to go after opportunities as they arise and to look at the business from many angles, including OTB by channel, OTB at the aggregate level, or any combination.

Planning by attributes lets you transition from management and control to strategy as you turn the primary OTB values into customer-focused directives, determining what products fit the needs of both your financial plan and your customer-driven assortments.

Location planning helps you determine opportunities at a macro level by store by reviewing and tuning up your product mix in concert with your merchandise plans, and to synchronize your budgets with your daily and weekly goals and staffing needs.

In-season management uses versioning and simulations to assess ongoing changes and determine the best path forward with best-case and next-case scenarios.


Aptos Merchandise Financial Planning can be used in combination with Aptos Assortment Planning, Forecasting, Allocation, Replenishment, PLM and Supply Chain Management capabilities, allowing you to leverage one single Merchandise Lifecycle Management Solution to plan, design, assort and deliver your collections.

With Aptos Merchandise Financial Planning, you’ll gain:
  • Full understanding of the potential for each category, based on correct analyses of past results and your current strategic direction
  • Reduced average inventory levels and fewer out-of-stocks for optimum inventory performance
  • More sales at higher margins
  • Improved synergies across channels for improved customer experiences

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