Stock what will sell. ​​​​​​​Sounds simple enough, right?

You invest a lot of resources to plan, design, produce, acquire, distribute and manage your merchandise. At each step, you make countless decisions designed to strengthen your brand, appeal to your customers and grow your business. But are those decisions based on the full realities of your business and delivering great results?

They must be. Because today, your shoppers will no longer waste time with merchandise that isn’t relevant to their style and taste; they’ll just walk or click away. More than ever, they want to experience your products as a single collection designed exclusively for them, with products that are priced right, placed right, and available whenever, wherever and however they choose to shop.

Equally important, your bottom line can no longer tolerate underperforming products, stock outs, or failures to respond quickly and correctly to shifting conditions and consumer trends. Competitive pressures and margins are just way too tight.

Stay in synch – profitably

Our Merchandise Lifecycle Management solutions meet all of these challenges head on. They enable unified control of your merchandise lifecycle across your entire enterprise. They give you full insight into what’s happening and required, and the ability to respond correctly without delay. They empower you to align strategy with execution, understand and meet demand across channels, accelerate your speed to market, deliver highly localized assortments, and become more agile in the face of changing market, consumer and financial conditions.

With Aptos you can leverage six core solutions to manage every aspect of merchandising, from planning and purchasing to pricing, promotions, allocation, replenishment, warehouse operations and more. You will integrate a complete range of processes to bring your brand vision to life in every channel and accelerate your success.

eBookHow to Knock Out a Stock Out

Learn how the latest advances in exception-based reporting produce dramatic time savings in locating and evaluating stock outs and overstocks.

Optimize the Entire Merchandise Lifecycle with Aptos and TXT Retail

It takes a team to build compelling customer focused collections. This is why Aptos acquired  TXT Retail  and added their industry-leading MLM and planning solutions to our proven inventory management capabilities. Together, we deliver advanced capabilities to every department and member of your extended merchandising team: Buyers, Planners, Allocators, Retail Operations, Warehouse Operations, Product Managers, Sourcing, Supply Chain, and Finance.

With our MLM solutions, you’ll align strategy with execution, deliver a strong brand message to target customers, go faster through the merchandise lifecycle, deliver optimized assortments, manage inventory effectively and ensure consumer demand is met across channels.  Read on to learn more about all of our solutions, or click here for an in-depth look at TXT Retail.

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Solutions that drive effective, responsive merchandising decisions and actions
Merchandising & Warehouse Management

Leverage a complete suite of advanced inventory management applications that let you analyze, order, price, warehouse and distribute merchandise accurately and efficiently, to delight your customers and maximize profitability.
Merchandise Financial Planning

Manage merchandise financial planning end-to-end, from strategic planning to planning by attributes, while keeping your financial plans and open-to-buy controls firmly in place to achieve your margin and inventory investment targets.
Assortment Planning and Buying

Perfectly align your offerings with your customers, markets, channels and locations by matching product attributes to customer segments, and creating localized collections based on customer tastes, financial requirements and space capacities.
Product Lifecycle Management

Enhance line, merchandise and assortment planning with advanced retail PLM capabilities, including creative design, collection development and sourcing, to better manage production and transportation resources, streamline key processes and reduce costs.
Forecasting, Allocation and Replenishment

Adjust your plans in step with evolving market and delivery dynamics and leverage price and promotion simulations, to improve your allocations, replenish each store to ideal service levels, and optimize sales and margin results.
Supply Chain Management

Gain greater efficiencies and more responsive partner collaboration with a single cloud-based Web and mobile environment for order management, delivery and logistics, as well as advanced planning and scheduling capabilities.