Stock what will sell. ​​​​​​​Sounds simple enough, right?

You invest a lot of resources to plan, acquire, distribute and manage your merchandise. At each step, you make decisions to reflect your brand, appeal to your customers and drive your business. But are they based on the full realities of your business and delivering great results?

They must be. Because today, your shoppers will no longer waste time with irrelevant merchandise; they’ll just walk or click away. More than ever, they want to experience your products as a single collection designed exclusively for them. And your customers want those products to be priced right and placed right every time, so they are always available whenever, wherever and however they choose to shop.

Equally important, your bottom line can no longer tolerate underperforming products, stock outs, or failures to respond quickly and correctly to shifting supply chain conditions and consumer trends. Competitive pressures and margins are just way too tight.

Managing merchandise to stay in step with shoppers

Aptos merchandising solutions are designed to optimize inventory and your ability to align it with your customers and with changing market conditions. Our solutions give you a holistic view of your omni-channel operations that lets you clearly understand what is happening with your merchandise, plus the tools to do whatever is needed to meet customer expectations.

With Aptos you can leverage four core solutions to manage the entire product life cycle across your omni-channel enterprise, from planning and purchasing to allocation, pricing, promotions, replenishment and more. You will integrate a complete range of merchandising and planning processes to bring your brand vision to life in every channel and accelerate your success.

eBookHow to Knock Out a Stock Out

Learn how the latest advances in exception-based reporting produce dramatic time savings in locating and evaluating stock outs and overstocks.

Optimizing the Entire Merchandise Lifecycle with TXT Retail

It takes a team to build compelling customer focused collections. This is why we acquired TXT Retail, a group of solutions that support the entire Merchandising team: Buyers, Planners, Retail Operations, Product Managers, Sourcing, Supply Chain and Finance. TXT Retail Merchandise Lifecycle Management Solutions help align strategy with execution, deliver a strong brand message to target customers, go faster through the Merchandise Lifecycle, deliver optimized Assortments and ensure consumer demand is met across channels. Click here to see how TXT Retail solutions span merchandise planning, assortment planning, PLM, Forecasting, Replenishment and Allocation.

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Solutions that drive effective, responsive merchandising decisions and actions
Retail Merchandising

Aptos Retail Merchandising includes a complete suite of advanced applications that let you analyze, order, price, and distribute merchandise accurately and efficiently, to delight your customers and maximize profitability.
Merchandise Planning

Aptos Merchandise Planning links your financial, buying and store plans to let you: identify what’s needed at the chain, channel and store level; predict and respond to trends; create accurate models from top-down or bottom-up; and continually compare actual to plan.
Assortment Planning

Using rich visual tools linked to your merchandising data and buying and store plans, Aptos Assortment Planning lets you develop assortments with ideal breadth and depth, define styles in detail, automate processes, and respond quickly to changing conditions and consumer demands.
Warehouse Management

Aptos WMS increases your visibility into the warehouse, boosts the speed and accuracy with which merchandise flows from receiving through distribution to store shelves and to fulfill customer orders, and streamlines the management of all retail warehouse functions in real time.


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