Improved collaboration and faster time to market

In today’s fast-moving world, communication is critical to keeping pace with shifting consumer tastes, preferences and expectations. Aptos PLM and Supply Chain Management ensure that communication between you and your key partners is carefully orchestrated throughout the entire merchandise lifecycle. Aptos PLM automates and streamlines critical processes for everyone involved in creating and managing your collections, while Aptos Supply Chain Management optimizes partner communications in a single Cloud-based, web- and mobile-accessible environment.

With Aptos, every collection, every piece of every assortment is coordinated and communicated across the extended retail ecosystem, and both modules work closely together with our entire end-to-end Merchandise Lifecycle Management solution to help you plan, design, assort and deliver your collections for maximum profit.

The Aptos Merchandise Lifecycle Management Solution
Merchandise Financial Planning
Assortment Planning and Buying
Product Lifecycle Management
Forecasting, Allocation and Replenishment
Supply Chain Management
Coordination, Communication, and Collaboration

Aptos PLM and Aptos Supply Chain Management ensure that every phase of the design and procurement phases of the merchandise lifecycle are carefully coordinated, and that the entire lifecycle is supported with tightly integrated communications that foster maximum collaboration.

Aptos PLM includes advanced retail PLM capabilities such as creative design, collection development and sourcing to line planning, merchandise planning and assortment planning. And by fully connecting buying, sourcing and design, you can secure your fabric programs, factory time and transportation earlier in the cycle, reducing costs and improving the entire product lifecycle process.

Aptos Supply Chain Management fosters responsive partner collaboration with a single Cloud-based Web and mobile environment for order management, delivery and logistics, intuitive dashboards and alerts, as well as with advanced planning and scheduling capabilities for retailers with their own production facilities.

Solutions that are designed to streamline
Product Lifecycle Management

Enhance line, merchandise and assortment planning with advanced retail PLM capabilities, including creative design, collection development and sourcing, to better manage production and transportation resources, streamline key processes and reduce costs.
Supply Chain Management

Gain greater efficiencies and more responsive partner collaboration with a single cloud-based Web and mobile environment for order management, delivery and logistics, as well as advanced planning and scheduling capabilities.


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