Omni-channel merchandising can sometimes seem like solving a Rubik’s Cube. But it’s no game. Shoppers – no matter where they shop – expect to find the items, quality and prices they associate with your brand.

Aptos Merchandising equips you to distribute, price and manage merchandise to maximize process efficiencies and delight customers with selections that appear to have been chosen just for them.

Integrated WMS enhances merchandising performance through all aspects of warehouse operations by improving inventory management, the speed and accuracy of merchandise flows, and your ability to fulfill customer orders.

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Aptos Merchandising

Nine integrated components, one powerful ERP solution

Aptos Merchandising gives you a full retail ERP suite of integrated applications that manage inventory precisely according to sales and true demand in every channel and location.

Enterprise Data and Product Management enables you to leverage all the core information on your locations, merchandise structures, hierarchies, vendors, currency codes and exchange rates.

Purchase Order Management easily handles the detailed process of placing purchase commitments with vendors and monitors the progress of buys and their delivery dates, while maintaining financial and open-to-buy control.

Warehouse Management, a streamlined version of Aptos WMS, increases your warehouse visibility, the speed and accuracy of merchandise flows from receiving to store shelves, and the productivity of warehouse staff.

Allocation and Replenishment lets you allocate items directly to your stores while accounting for all key variables, and automates replenishment functions using past performance, ideal algorithms and more.

Inventory Management and Web IM leverages real-time information to track inventory online by SKU, location, quantity and value in any number of user- and system-defined status categories for reliable inventory positions.

Price Management lets you change and test pricing strategies and localize pricing in detail at different locations and times, to determine their impacts on your margins, shoppers and results.

Aptos accounting supports integrated Accounts Payable matching capabilities and our integrated Stock Ledger to closely connect Merchandising and Accounting, ensuring tight controls over every facet of accounting.

Actionable Analytics delivers insights into all your merchandising activities and lets you directly initiate changes and inventory transactions. Integration with Aptos Analytics will further strengthen your management capabilities across a wide range of modules and functions.

Perpetual Inventory Management is an intelligent shipping and receiving module that lets you manage chain-wide inventory and strengthen the link between supply chain management and inventory control via integration with the head office.

Optimize inventory across your enterprise

Streamline merchandising processes

Tightly coordinate every key merchandising process to optimize business efficiency.

Fulfill store needs quickly and correctly

Send exactly the right merchandise to exactly the right stores with fully integrated allocation and replenishment.

Stay efficient as you grow and adapt

Achieve true flexibility, scalability and control.

Get performance alerts

Automatically alert users to exceptions in performance by location.

Keep track of merchandise

Track the status of all merchandise through shipping, receiving, and distribution.

Strengthen your Supply Chain

Drive local and international growth with multi-language, multi-country functionality.

Support vertically integrated retailers

Support retail and wholesale operations for vertically integrated retailers.

Leverage analytics and stock wisely

Make better merchandising decisions based on comprehensive, actionable analytics.

Go live quickly with agile implementation

Implement quickly with agile methodology that can take you live 30 to 60 percent faster than traditional methods.

Document performance to support vendor negotiations that maximize trade promotions, rebates, and credits and track them throughout the merchandise lifecycle.

Aptos Warehouse Management

Our optional WMS integrates with Aptos Merchandising to optimize efficiencies in your warehouse operations, driving productivity and profitability. It ensures that products arrive when and where they are needed, reduces stock-outs and, as a result, enriches your customers’ experiences as well as your bottom line.

Aptos WMS manages all aspects of the retail warehouse in real time—from receiving, ticketing and inventory management to picking, packing and shipping for order fulfillment. This highly scalable, configurable and flexible solution incorporates online, detailed task tracking; system-directed put away (with options of vendor, class, style or SKU storage groupings); and cross-dock options. Manual or event-driven cycle counts and continuous online item and document validations ensure inventory integrity and help reduce shrink.

With WMS you will:
  • Accelerate warehouse operations and flow-throughs in RF, paper or mixed environments
  • Optimize inventory handling and distribution to stores and order fulfillment to customers
  • Improve order management with real-time order status updates
  • Leverage extensive cross-docking capabilities
  • Increase chargeback visibility and vendor compliance
  • Reduce inventory carrying costs
  • Boost the efficiency and productivity of warehouse staff with real-time assignments, prioritizations and reporting
  • Drive better picking and packing, supported by wall-to-wall inventory tracking, directed put-aways and location flexibility
  • Operate with multiple units of measure and multi-facility configuration
Accelerate your DC operations

Real-time updates of all inventory movements within the warehouse, when used with RF hand-held terminals, to help maintain peak performance through changing production demands and priorities.

Date-time stamp tracking for all activities, ensuring accurate information for FIFO/LIFO pick selection, detailed investigation of inventory discrepancies, improved management and reduced physical counts.

Integration with Aptos OMS or a third-party order fulfillment solution, enabling all customer orders to be processed using multiple picking, packing and fulfillment methods.

Numerous cross-dock options, which decreases the dock-receipt-to-outbound-shipment cycle and promotes quick turnover of the inbound receiving area, via a one-scan ASN carton receipt and pack process, pack-by-store receipts and vendor case-pack processing.

Vendor compliance, tracking and confirmation, supported by automatic capture of standard and customized compliance elements.