Solutions for Footwear


They’re not just shoes. They’re both functional essentials and objects of desire. They’re how we step forward and step out in the world. And even when they’re a small part of your customer’s wardrobes, they have a huge impact on how she or he performs, looks and feels. You know it, and they know it. And when you demonstrate that kind of deep understanding of footwear, communicate it with passion, and back it up by consistently delivering the styles, colors, sizes and choices that make your customers feel great, you’re not just making sales you’re growing your business and building your brand.

Aptos makes that happen like no other solutions provider. With more than four decades of experience as the solutions provider of choice to leading footwear retailers from value-focused chains to exclusive, high-fashion brands we offer bred-in-the-bone expertise and unsurpassed resources to meet the needs of your customers for perfect products, seamless experiences and a full range of shopping options, plus the needs of your business to continually improve efficiency and profitability in every channel and operation.

Aptos Solutions for Footwear

From planning and merchandising to engaging customers in every channel and optimizing data and operations, Aptos equips you to run your retail footwear business more efficiently, responsively and profitably. Learn more about our solutions, services, and results.